Sexy goddess live gaming unexpectedly forced strip inspection in Fengjie e2140

Sexy goddess live gaming unexpectedly forced strip test in Xifeng cherry ice, was a well-known gaming female anchor, the chest is proud and sweet face is familiar with Baidu gaming circles, was touted as a new generation of Indoorsman goddess. Not only in the anchor ring also has many fans, CCTV should be a fashion show called guest about. The goddess of the mountain by the broadcast news, there are a large number of fans waiting on the platform, waiting for the sexy beauty. Cherry ice live open, a lot of fans heard to let everyone surprise, the studio is not skin white and beautiful goddess anchor, but who was Yan Zhaotian with a big box mirror, fat woman. Wait a long time for the fans all Meng circle, Xiao Bian also feel confused, as if the woman and photographs the markets like aunt dressed completely face. The moment the audience have accused the female anchor is used as a cheat, mad brush egg and tile and other gifts, words excited: "this face can not see ah, there is no interest in the chest", "leave according to cheat, or even directly sowing die anchor requirements immediately. Female anchor in the siege of the tears off his coat revealing tattoos and fullness of the chest, holding a photo once explained: "you see, this is me." There are a lot of the audience as the anchor for the accused cheat, mad brush egg brick anchor off the helpless crying, jacket his tattoos and chest after listening to the original anchor, anchor appearance changed because bestie before her boyfriend cheating, with all his savings run away, since then, just now. Although the anchor kept apologizing to get some of the audience’s comfort and encouragement, but in the face of a large number of black turning fans, female anchor still unable to control emotions, crying and closed the live broadcast. The anchor also took the year’s photos, but still affected by the control of fans emotions may make people sigh, the former open live is like true goddess eSports scene of the accident. Although it was a heartless man injured by sympathy, but by its former glory Title comeback fishing gold inevitably controversial. Cherry said after the ice will cheer up, in the supervision of all the fans of fitness, to get back before. Xiao Bian also watched, I do not know whether it can return to the goddess face. (source: Tencent game editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: