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Internet-and-Business-Online For the serious online self-publisher, attracting and maintaining an interested audience can take nearly as much time as creating the project itself. Klatcher.. offers a new media technology that streamlines promotion so allows a creator to focus on creating and know that Klatcher is efficiently and effectively optimizing their capacity for growth. It used to be that in order to publish creative work, a person had to have a ton on of money, or the support of a publishing agency. With the invention of the Internet, however, self-publishing has be.e a simple process available to everyone. Through technologies such as Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, the myriad of blog options, and web pages, creative people are at no shortage of options for people to network, publish, and monetize. However, in order to maximize reach among the internet .munity an author must be continually maintaining, refreshing and networking across multiple frameworks in order to satisfy an easily distracted public. Trying to establish a continued presence across numerous networks can be exhausting. Plus, this fragmented approach can hardly be considered effective in securing or maintaining an audience. Hence, while online publishing may have allowed all people to voice their opinions publicly, those who want to break into serious online publications still have hurdles to over.e. Fortunately, there is a new breed of media technologies, labeled by some as the web3.0, that allows authors to make a quantum leap in terms of self publishing and distribution effectiveness. One of the leading web3.0 platforms is Klatcher..: it is centered around the online publisher seeking to optimize their presence online. Unlike the traditional means of online publishing, Klatcher doesn’t simply provide a platform for publication, but is centered on the creator’s need to expand their fan base in order to grow their bottom line. The platform offers free web space with all the modern sharing options: micro-blogging, blogging, and creative content space; but more importantly, it streamlines the promotion, publishing and networking strategies that are critical for expansion of an audience. Through Klatcher, authors can automate social media marketing tasks: publishing your newest work to a variety of platforms, optimizing it for search engines, and updating readers and colleagues; essentially maintaining promotions for you. Many online-publishers are satisfied to publish their work without considering whether or not they are maximizing their audience. Those users interested in more than casual publication understand that readers need to continually entertained with new content in multiple formats; an exhausting prospect when viewed through the fragmented approach of multiple platforms. The new media technologies are built around the creator seeking to develop and maintain growth. So obviously a new age of self publishing is upon us with integrated platforms like Klatcher, the old dream of every creative mind seems to .e true: the only thing that counts is content. Make something out of it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: