Scholars recommend the housing accumulation fund to revitalize the housing bank assets restorator

Scholars suggested that the housing accumulation fund to the housing bank to revitalize the assets of the housing provident fund into a housing bank, not only revitalize the housing accumulation fund, but also can effectively solve the problem of poor investment channels. Joe freshmen according to news reports, the 2015 Beijing city housing provident fund deposit ratio accounted for only 1.5% of workers, this is a shocking number. It shows that the housing accumulation fund to solve the housing problem of the residents is getting smaller and smaller, housing provident fund reform is necessary. In accordance with the provisions of the "Regulations" of the housing provident fund management, state organs, state-owned enterprises, urban collective enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises and other urban enterprises, public institutions and private non enterprise units, social organizations and workers must pay the housing provident fund. Workers paid housing provident fund and the staff of the unit for the workers to pay the housing accumulation fund belongs to individual employees. In other words, workers pay housing fund is actually a special fund to pay for the purchase of housing workers. Workers can apply for housing provident fund loans, loan interest rates far lower than bank lending rates. Workers do not apply for housing provident fund loans, because now the vast majority of workers have to buy their own homes, there is no need to buy housing, of course, there is no need to apply for provident fund loans. In the early days of reform and opening up, the reason for the establishment of the provident fund system is to solve the housing problem. Since the workers have to solve the housing problem, then, provident fund system is necessary? Some scholars believe that the provident fund system should be abolished, because this system has formed a new social injustice. Unit benefit is relatively good, the housing provident fund workers are relatively more; unit efficiency is relatively poor, the housing provident fund workers can be relatively less. Housing provident fund has become a special welfare, has led to an increasing gap between the rich and poor, only the abolition of the housing accumulation fund system, in order to solve the problem of unfair distribution of housing in china. I think, take a fundamental solution to completely cancel the housing provident fund, for the vast majority of workers may not influence, but after all, the housing provident fund is a historical existence, if the cancellation of housing provident fund system, clean up the housing provident fund and distributed to every worker, then, will be a very huge project. Besides, China’s housing reform is currently in the transition period, although the housing provident fund in the employee housing have little value, but to solve the housing provident fund, after all, is the formation of a huge historical track of assets, therefore, if paid to workers solve historical issues, it may lead to the unfairness of social distribution surface of. The best way to solve the problem is that the housing provident fund will be transferred to the housing bank, the units of the housing provident fund deposit and employee housing provident fund deposit into workers raising shares, each payment of housing provident fund workers are members of the housing bank, the housing bank in accordance with the principle of cooperative management, democratic management, self service, distribution according to work. The State Council may change the "Housing Accumulation Fund Ordinance" to the housing banking ordinance, or the housing banking ordinance, in the case of government investment相关的主题文章: