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Samsung 10nm processor outbreak: Exynos8895 to be scared reversal! Science and technology Sohu – according to South Korean media, a senior Samsung 14 10nm process for leaking secrets to Chinese company and was arrested by the police, also reported that Samsung will be early next year Galaxy S8 for the first time using 10nm Exynos processor. According to the latest news, this processor may be the legendary Exynos 8895, compared to the current model of Exynos little change in the number of 8890, but there will be a revolutionary upgrade. First the manufacturing process will be upgraded from 14nm to 10nm. Samsung 14nm has proven its own good, 10nm is also actively promoting, not a bit slower than TSMC, it seems to be able to put into production by the end of the year. CPU architecture is an improved version of the M1 standard, the frequency may be increased from 2.3GHz to 3.0GHz, but also supports dynamic acceleration and overclocking, even the highest can reach 4.0GHz. GPU more exciting, ARM will introduce the new release of Mali-G71, allegedly compared to the Exynos 8890 MP12 fast Mali-T880 up to 80%, more than 821 Xiaolong Adreno 530. Mali-G71 ARM new Bifrost based on micro architecture, can provide high-end 4K, VR experience, and support for OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1, GPU Compute, Android Render API, even the throughput of 16nm technology in the 850MHz frequency can also lead to 27.2Gp s, two times Mali-T880. It is not clear that Samsung Exynos 8895 inside the Mali-G71 will use several core, high frequency, but the specification will be quite high. Interestingly, it is said that HUAWEI Hass kylin 960 will also introduce the Mali-G71, but as of 950, Exynos 8890 may kylin use Mali-T880 but there were 4, 12 core, 960 kylin should still won’t catch Exynos 8895. Another source said, Galaxy S8 will also be equipped with 4K display. Recent articles featured: business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome to leave a message, say your point of view, the wonderful wall相关的主题文章: