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Credit card approval criteria and criteria for the assessment of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, buy funds are pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: 360 many friends want to apply for a credit card, but can you get your card? What is the internal approval process? Received from the user to apply for the issuance of credit cards, the bank has experienced what internal approval process? The day before yesterday, and a bank staff conducted in-depth exchanges, she introduces us to the bank through internal approval process. Allegedly, the internal audit of banks are in "no realization of office paper", when the applicant’s application form from all over the country sent to the bank, the bank will immediately be related offices high-speed scanning, image files. Then according to the application of different areas are automatically divided into smaller picture files, each small picture contains only one of the content of the applicant to fill out. Each employee is responsible for only one entry. For example, enter the ID number of the staff, only to see the identity card number, after the entry of information directly into the bank’s electronic audit system, so that the applicant’s message will not be leaked. Here, the staff stressed that each small image will be composed of two different staff input two times if the two input as well as the contents of the contents into the system, if the two contents are not the same as this small pictures will be handed over to the third person for recognition, so as to ensure the accuracy of entry information. When all the contents of an application form are completed, a complete electronic application form is entered into the audit process. In the audit process, the need for electronic audit and manual review of the two procedures. The first electronic audit system will make an assessment of the integrity of the information form, then by virtue of the application of personal information, to determine whether the applicant meets the age, income and other rigid requirements, and will automatically query the credit applicant in the personal credit system as a reference. Manual audit after the initial electronic screening, the form will enter the manual audit phase. The staff of the approval department shall work in the work order pool to handle the work orders and handle them according to their functions and powers. Applicants can successfully pass the application, usually in this part of the decision. First of all the staff will confirm whether there is a lack of application form, signature, identity card can meet requirements can be clear; secondly will verify the application form submitted to determine the authenticity of the information channel, application form. After the application of the preliminary audit through the system, the system will be based on the parameters of the initial audit to determine the classification of the application form, thereby determining which of these applications need to go through the level of approval process. When the user’s qualifications meet the requirements, the credit card approval process. Subsequently, the bank will be based on the principles of mathematical statistics and artificial experience of the applicant’s historical data analysis, and the applicant to conduct a comprehensive assessment and sorting. Decide whether or not to grant the applicant card相关的主题文章: