Reading Mr. Yang Xiaoyang’s freehand brushwork figure painting the inspiration of folk culture

Read Mr Yang Xiaoyang’s freehand figure painting: folk culture enlightenment inspired Niu Kecheng a distinguished artist with a language style of the encounter, tend to create a new form of language and concept system. An important example of the history of art is the encounter between Picasso and African sculpture in 1905, which has driven the emergence of cubism and the rise of modern western art. Misdiagnosed illness China painter Mr. Yang Xiaoyang at the age of 3, in the recuperation period, access to the folk paper-cut paper-cut and self-study. This is his first contact with the plastic arts, but also his encounter with Chinese folk art. This encounter for Mr Yang Xiaoyang in the future is the meaning of painting, it has not been reclaimed in his heart for the concept of folk art and other genes, he decided after the basic style of painting and creative path Chinese value cognition system. In his view, folk art is a kind of inspiration, such as the gods, it opened his initial feeling for modeling, but also shows the direction of his future art creation. But this direction has the important enlightenment significance to the contemporary Chinese freehand brushwork figure painting creation. Mr. Yang Xiaoyang is also a collector of his collection, Dujuhuiyan eyes focused on folk arts, paper-cut this collection of eyes and other childhood feeling influence are not unrelated. A collection of Shuanmazhuang, Kang lion, manger, mendun stone, stone, stone pillars, Ma Shigu, brick, stone, pottery, pottery, paper cutting, shadow, cloth tiger, tiger, among which, the lion is much Shuanmazhuang kang. He arranges these collections at home or in the office, the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in the campus is Shuanmazhuang everywhere. Mr Yang Xiaoyang’s work is disseminated in this life, folk art omnipresent atmosphere, to face the supernatural, the stone based folk style divinity also like attached to his body on the same. Therefore, Mr Yang Xiaoyang’s painting is a kind of folk art style of expression. As he himself said: "I painted the figures for the art of stone carving……". In this sense, it can be said that Mr. Yang Xiaoyang’s ink painting freehand brushwork is a kind of folk art". Historically, folk art with its original style, elegant and rustic style and become a kind of modeling language system and the palace art, paintings and other art school. And the court, and for the literati in art style or rejection or appreciation: rejection regarded it as a vulgar form of art appreciation would be naive and naive to imagine its exciting performance. However, no matter what kind of attitude, in the language of painting, especially in the methodology of creative writing directly into the practice of folk art is rare. Therefore, we can see clearly the existence of Qi Baishi and Lin Fengmian in the modern painting history China shining: Qi Baishi’s creation towards the folk customs of theme development, resulting in a fresh and lively country breath is different from the literati painting from the lofty standard; Lin Fengmian folk porcelain smooth lines came into the painting, thus in different calligraphy sketch in literati painting modern lines form. Mr. Yang Xiaoyang’s pen and ink of folk art, literati ink and folk art!相关的主题文章: