Raised fof is expected to be born within six months of two funds aimed at Hong Kong – fund channel iptd-651

The public offering is expected to be born within half a year FOF trillion aimed at two – channel air fund raised in September 23rd, FOF released guidelines, Chinese Securities Journal reporter learned that more than 10 companies will be submitted to the first batch of FOF products, the industry believes that the public offering of FOF or within six months of publication. In the environment of low risk and high volatility, outsourcing and pension investment in the two tuyere booster, raised FOF face a huge window period. It is reported that, under the requirements of banks and other large capital channels, raised FOF is likely to achieve absolute returns, and gradually become a substitute for trillion bank financing. The first batch of FOF products do not have long-term performance can be considered, the industry suggested that investors are more concerned about the ability of the team’s ability to control risks and overseas strategy localization. The first public offering of the upcoming FOF, currently has more than 10 of the fund’s FOF business to declare the first batch of products, including Bo, China, Qianhai Kaiyuan, GF, Nord, Manulife TEDA, Long Sheng and the south. Other assets have been established, the Department is still looking for more people in the stage of the company. A fund industry executives told the recent, FOF talent from the director to the researchers have a lot of demand. Industry sources, the FOF rate will be approved by the Commission’s ordinary procedures for review, rather than simple procedures". "Common program" is similar to the innovative product channel, the product is accepted, the audit time in 6 months, and the summary procedure is the working day of 20. However, there are public fund FOF responsible person believes that in the current environment, FOF demand, the Commission may accelerate the approval. Reporters learned that, at present, small and medium sized fund companies such as Changsheng, Chinese and Qianhai open source fund intends to push external FOF products. Some large and medium-sized fund companies such as GF, Manulife TEDA, Celestica and Bo are the internal and external FOF try. Multi angle selection of the first batch of FOF raised FOF soon, because there is no historical performance can be tested, how to choose? Insiders give advice: first, focus on the team. At present, the public fund investment experience of venture capital has more, a number of public fund in the formation of the FOF team, from the venture capital poaching, many of them in the venture capital hit absolute return performance team. However, the industry warned that venture capital as institutional funds, when doing public fund investment, there are natural research advantages, but not the same as the public offering platform. "The fund companies are open to venture capital research, and even call." A public fund FOF sources said, but the public offering platform is not the same, peer research is not necessarily so convenient, after all, are competitors." Two is concerned about the risk control ability. Wei Fengchun think the person in charge of boshijijin diversified asset allocation, the public offering of FOF investment ability is more reliance on the team rather than the star fund manager. Because FOF is a diversified multi asset strategy, so the risk control ability is very important, in addition to the need to have a good ability to sell, FOF should be the results of management into process management, timely communication with customers." Third, pay attention to the manager’s strategy localization ability and the large class asset allocation ability. Nie Shouhua, deputy director of Qianhai Fund Investment Fund believes that the introduction of more mature overseas相关的主题文章: