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Push up the huge redemption fund performance more than retail arbitrage unlikely Sina fund exposure in Taiwan: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This year, A stock market slump shocks, partial stock funds overall poor performance, hybrid funds average loss of 7%, the Beijing Daily reporter noted that part of the mixed fund income is good, the results of this year has exceeded 40%, the high income products also attracted a lot of people’s attention, but the need to remind investors is that part of the high income products is mainly due to the huge redemption, not from the investment research capability of precision. Flush iFinD data show that in the mixed fund performance list, a lot of fund performance this year more than 40%, such as easy to enjoy the new flexible allocation of A, C, Peng Hua Hong Sheng mixed Everbright letter Baode Xin Xin flexible configuration hybrid A, yifangda Xinyi flexible configuration hybrid E, Tai’an Kang pension paid regularly mixed C, Cathay Pacific concentrated benefits and flexible configuration hybrid C, since this year earnings were up 40.33%, 45.9%, 59.14%, 60.9%, 88.43% and 93.58%. It is worth mentioning that the two recently established a new fund surplus wotone flexible allocation fund and Wang Yu Rong de A pure debt in September 27th, unit net soared 35.5% and 31.54% also attracted the attention of people. In fact, the fund in the context of the stock market downturn, but the reason for the emergence of the proceeds of the surge, and the fund manager’s investment research capability is not a precise relationship, mostly due to the huge redemption. From the point of view of the performance of the net can be found, the number of these funds since the establishment of the net volatility is not large, but in the case of a significant rise in net trading. Specifically, Cathay strong interest in flexible configuration hybrid C in April 15th of this year, a single day net value rose from 1.272 yuan to $2.423 in April 17th, net profit rose by day rate of 90.57%. Cathay pension pension regularly mixed C in May 17th of this year, net profit rose from 1.217 yuan to the next day’s $2.138, single day net profit rose to 75.7% in June 8th reached the highest net worth of $2.413. Similarly, yifangda Xinyi flexible configuration hybrid E in March 1st this year, its net value is 1.003 yuan, in March 2nd the sudden increase of 1.55 yuan, on the net growth rate of 54.5%, the net unit then continued slightly higher. With the increase of outsourcing capital and sales channels, some of them to separate institutions customized public fund or set up a separate institutional investor share categories, so the public fund under the agency share of customers more and more, these financial institutions appear large redemption by the fund, estimated net worth four to five homes in law or large interference the redemption fee is included in the fund assets will lead to significant fluctuations in the net. Therefore, people should penetrate in the selection of fund performance attribution analysis, should not simply through the selection of blue chip fund ranking. As for the recent large amount of redemption for the individual fund net rose sharply phenomenon, there are many voices that exist on these short-term相关的主题文章: