Public officials were 4 year old son and son of a sudden explosion of abuse due to family conflicts

Public officials abuse burst was 4 and a half years old son Party: because of family conflicts – Sohu news Beijing News recently, the network reported, Hunan city of Loudi province Xinhua County Audit Bureau of civil servants are drugged, beaten and Chen behavior. Yesterday afternoon, the local county propaganda department and Chen I respond to Beijing News reporters, the parties Chen Department of audit bureau subordinate institution staff, by the police to detect drug abuse, but child behavior does exist, resulting in the Department of family conflicts. Net posts: civil servants taking Magu beating his son in the local release of this net net forum, the time for the November 20th 22 pm. The network said, Hunan Loudi Xiemou said her husband Chen Xinhua County Audit Bureau of civil servants, long-term smoking Magu (a methamphetamine drug), has been reported two times, caught the police station, and no serious treatment. The net posts that Chen long term alcohol abuse, drug abuse, but also Xiemou himself and 4 year old son beaten. According to the net posts accompanying picture shows, what appears to be a four or five year old boy, bruises on both sides of the face, ears have different degree. The boy left ear and facial bruising is most serious, the other boys in the area near the ears have larger bruises. Official: the drug behavior yesterday afternoon, Xinhua County Propaganda Department reply Beijing News reporter, Chen Xinhua county audit bureau subordinate staff of two institutions, units called the office of economic responsibility audit. Chen I non civil service, which belongs to the institution staff, the administrative level for the class. For drug problems, Xinhua Mei court police station on November 14th, 21, Chen conducted a drug test, the results of the two tests were negative, you can judge Chen’s history of drug abuse. According to the Xinhua county Party Committee Propaganda Department provided a test report photocopy, 10:50 on November 21, 2016, detection results of Xinhua County Public Security Bureau police station Chen Mei Yuan, is "two diamorphine (heroin), methamphetamine (ice), negative". The net posts reflected in "children", Xinhua County Propaganda Department responded that the net posts reflect the children play the plot, picture is not fiction. Why children are not clear. The parties: playing the child because of family conflicts yesterday evening, Xie told the Beijing News reporter, he and Chen in 2011 to get married, married a child, 4 and a half years. After the divorce in 2013, the child returned to chen. After 2015, the problem has been in the presence of two children visit the contradiction. Xie said that in November 14, 2016, after her visit to the child and Chen in the phone outbreak of conflict, Chen said he hit the child, and threatened her not to visit again. Thanks a subsequent alarm processing. According to the net posts in the "civil servants" "drug" plot, Xiemou said, I only know the work in the county audit bureau, the judge "should be civil servants, but it as any position, which is responsible for the work is not clear. Xie said that after his divorce, Chen repeatedly found that she was carrying a red pill into powder, she had to ask what is smoked, but Chen shun.相关的主题文章: