Property market regulation should jump out of the cycle tonya mitchell

Market regulation should be out of a periodic cycle the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Mo Kaiwei each round of regulatory policy is to stabilize housing prices, but after the regulation, there is a rapid rise in prices, more let ordinary people sigh house more and more can not afford. Obviously, the current market regulation is in essence the tune higher and the government "push" embarrassing situation. Market regulation should be out of a periodic cycle this year National Day is destined to be an extraordinary day, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hefei and other 20 of a second tier city have introduced property purchase limited credit policy, "eight", "Shanghai six" strict control measures have been dished, hesitation detonated numerous atomic bomb in Chinese earth, see who dazzled, perhaps, let the human feel Chinese market regulation "face" quickly, yan. The community will tentatively speculated that these control measures implemented after treatment can become the property market mania of a ready-made panacea? The real estate industry after taking these drugs can adjust to rational, healthy development track? Chinese whether people no longer have the property market soared panic caused by the danger? The answer is no doubt that it is negative. Because the regulation of "medicine" is still not out of the rut, the outcome will be very difficult to jump out of the circle: "administrative regulation and strict control of housing prices slowed down temporarily, deregulation of skyrocketing housing prices". In other words, the introduction of regulatory measures in these cities, the property market price trend may be temporarily slow and slow, but may usher in a new round of volume and price cycles. Because China from the end of March 2005 the "country of eight" date, just ten years, Chinese real estate market has experienced countless regulation, whether it is the State Council of the "notice", or nine ministries, seven ministries "opinion", can not stop the pace of price increases; many of the city’s housing prices more than doubled in 2005, some even after more than ten. Each round of regulation and control policies are to stabilize housing prices, but after regulation, there is always a rapid rise in the market, the more ordinary people can not afford to buy houses sigh. Obviously, the current market regulation is in essence the tune higher and the government "push" embarrassing situation. This is why? The reason is very simple, because there are serious problems in our market regulation policy: one is what is not straighten out the purpose of market regulation, housing price control is to allow people to buy affordable housing, or not too severe for real estate developers can earn money and local finance income into? Because the property market regulation policy is always in a swing state, sometimes harsh, suddenly relaxed, lack of long-term sustainable control policies and measures, so that real estate developers and local governments at all levels of the formation of "resistance", so that the control effect is offset. Two there is no relationship between the various interests between the local government and cut off the development of the real estate industry, is to let the market regulation into the market operation mechanism, give full play to let the market spontaneous regulation, continue to extend the administrative power in afterlife hard control prices or cut benefits? Because of this interest was not straightened, so that some local governments to resolve serious regulation, resulting in regulatory policy not to seriously implement the shape change)相关的主题文章: