Private Equity

Outsourcing SS&C Fund Services offers a comprehensive yet flexible turnkey solution for private equity funds and related management companies. Our strong knowledge of the industry and our commitment to understanding the economics of a deal ensures that governing documents reflect these realities before operations begin. SS&C Fund Services understands that your investors are the core of your business, and that providing personalized, dedicated service to each investor is vitally important. To that end, here are some of the services that we provide to our clients: We offer complete turnkey service. This means that you can leverage our processing expertise in all types of private equity funds, including venture capital and buyout funds. SS&C assists in the creation of partnership documents, provides advice in avoiding administrative missteps, and offers guidance to help improve relationships with investors. We also offer a comprehensive investment tracking and analysis. With it you will receive all aspects of your portfolio company holdings, including recording equity or debt securities transactions, storing key parameters, updating valuations and monitoring of overall fund performance. With our accounting services you will obtain periodic reporting in the form of accounting books and records, using the same fully integrated systems for portfolio, general ledger and partnership accounting functions. You can couple this with our treasury services and take advantage of SS&C’s complete treasury services, including opening and administering bank accounts, preparing bank and stock reconciliations, tracking distributions and proceeds, processing wire transfers and distribution checks. Offshore funds allow you to maintain share books using multi-series, equalization or other methods, in addition to regular fund accounting functions, and Our investor services enable you to calculate and process capital calls and distributions, provide web-based reporting for investors that incorporates capital account, tax estimate and Schedule K-1 information, as well as regular fund manger commentaries, and process all investor mailings, including capital calls, distributions, tax estimates and K-1s. We provide structuring and business consulting. We assist with all aspects of the fund set-up process, including document review, tax advice and coordination with legal counsel and other service providers, as well as establishing internal processes and information flows for ongoing operations. Contact us for complete details. Also, be sure to look into our secure on-line services. You will get access to a secure location for posting general fund reports as well as investor-specific documents, among them financial statements, partnership agreements, Schedule K-1s and capital statements. Find out what has made SS&C Fund Services the fastest growing administrator among the top 10 and make the switch today. Simply download our brochure, contact us for a one-on-one session or e-mail for more information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: