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Finance Identity theft is a worldwide problem that continues to widen its scope every passing month. Billions of dollars are lost every year to criminals who obtain and reuse confidential consumer information to their advantage and to your peril. You can prevent identity theft by following several simple tips as suggested by law enforcement and consumer rights experts. Read on and I’ll inform you of the ways that you can lessen your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. In the US, identity theft typically begins with the accessing of your social security number by a third party. This party has no right to your number, but they manage to get through a variety of means. These means can include via the internet, through a phone conversation, paper found in the trash, even voluntarily by you as you share that information with a party you think should know that number. In most cases, no one needs to know your social security number. Certain government agencies and your employer, but beyond that this information should not be shared unless, of course, you apply for credit. Your social security number alone is usually not enough to cause a problem. Sharing your phone number, home address, the correct spelling of your name, your mother’s maiden name, can all increase the likelihood that you will be scammed. Most cases of identity theft are thought to occur online. However, this is simply not true. Most cases rear up through a phone conversation or via paperwork you threw out instead of shredding. On the internet identity theft can occur when consumers shop via sites that are unsecured or if they answer fake email from someone they think is a legitimate company representative. In all cases, never give your confidential information out to anyone. The IRS will not contact you via email as they know scammers will attempt to use intimidation to get you to give up important information about yourself. When in doubt, simply don’t. Why put yourself in a precarious position? Finally, order your free copies of your annual report from the three credit reporting bureaus as least once per year. If identity theft is occurring, you will find that information out via the unauthorized opening of accounts in your name. These accounts will show up on your credit report where you can dispute them, have them closed, and have your identity restored before things get totally out of hand. About the Author: By: nehasharma – With rising expenses, plenty of individuals are opting for second hand cars over brand new cars. Even banks are providing the financial support through the form of car loans. This article contains information on what y … By: nehasharma – As with any loan, certain factors such as the interest rate affects the dynamics of the loan. This also includes the personal loan. Through this article one can understand the personal loan interest rates and how it ca … By: nehasharma – Each individual has a different financial requirement, which would require a financial service that matches their needs. This is important especially when choosing the right mode to transfer money online. This article … By: nehasharma – The NRO account is an NRI account that allows you to invest local incomes. As per the government regulations, you can now remit up to 1 million USD through the NRO account. This article contains information on how you … By: nehasharma – Fixed deposits offer you a lot of returns, especially with beneficial interest rates. Through the NRI account termed deposits, one can invest their foreign funds and get good returns in par with the domestic rates. Thi … By: nehasharma – There are plenty of options that allow you to transfer funds to a sender. However, plenty of factors can influence your decision to opt for a mode of transfer. With the quickremit, you can easily transfer your funds wh … By: nehasharma – While there are plenty of options to send money to India, there are equally plenty of options wherein one can receive these same funds. This article contains information wherein one can easily send and receive funds th … By: nehasharma – Transferring funds abroad may seem like an expensive affair, especially if you consider all the different influential factors that affect the rates. However, in order to avoid high transfer fees for international money … By: nehasharma – When you want to send money online, there are plenty of factors you will need to consider. However, if you are looking for cheap options, here are certain factors that will provide you with the assistance you need. By: nehasharma – There are plenty of online money transfer options which makes it easier to choose. However, since you will be sending your hard earned funds abroad, it is crucial that you make a calculated decision to choose an option … 相关的主题文章: