Pregnancy weight is too low to affect the fetus – maternal and child Sohu

Low birth weight during pregnancy seriously affect the fetus during pregnancy, maternal and child – a Sohu, low weight of normal range increased normally during pregnancy increased 10~12 kg is healthy and reasonable, so pregnant women should control the weight increase rate during pregnancy, not too fast or too slow. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy, if weight gain is not appropriate, may lead to health risks of pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, overweight pregnant women is not suitable for more than 6~9 kg, underweight pregnant women need to get the weight of 13~18 kg. Pregnant women are not prone to premature birth weight. Weight loss risk if pregnant women in the first 3 months of pregnancy is too low, it is easy to cause miscarriage. Other risks are premature birth or neonatal weight loss, pregnancy complications, postpartum hemorrhage, sudden death, etc.. Two, pregnant women how to prevent underweight, don’t skip skip a meal to eat do not eat, and the best can be Shaoliangduocan, maintain regular intake of snacks, so you can prevent weight gain, and blood sugar is too low. Ready, you can prepare some snacks snacks and snacks around, like nuts, dried fruits, cookies and raisins like healthy snacks, you can eat at any time convenient. And you can add peanut butter when you eat bread or cookies, can add some peanut butter on it. Peanut butter is rich in calories, is a healthy choice for pregnant women. You can add yellow butter, you can add yellow butter to your homemade soup or vegetables in the soup. Yellow cream can not only increase the flavor, but also increase your calorie intake. Vitamin C, fruit juice if you want to drink juice, pick fruit juice is rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, papaya, grape, lemon or carrots, remember to drink freshly squeezed only nutritious. Good health, you need to eat some fat rich and healthy good fats, like olive oil, nuts or avocado. Especially the avocado, has high levels of good fats, can eat. If you have a doctor who suggests that you can take a few extra supplements to supplement your diet, you can take prenatal vitamins and other supplements. The pressure of life without stress will cause a lot of health problems, but also a great impact on pregnant women. Maintain a pleasant mood during pregnancy, to avoid being too stressed out or too much.相关的主题文章: