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Ping An Securities: recommended in [morning] shares selection of supply side reform, focusing The Belt and Road and technological innovation suggestions from the three aspects of effects of the G20 summit in Hangzhou to bring China attention: first, the supply side reform. This year the G20 trade ministers meeting for the first time on the global steel industry overcapacity, the European Commission President Juncker and Obama have expressed concern that the leaders of the G20 summit communique initiated the establishment of global steel industry cooperation forum, is expected after the G20 Chinese will be subject to international supervision of greater pressure on the supply side, the follow-up policy is expected to exceed the expected to promote reform. Two, The Belt and Road. Commitment of 11 multilateral development banks to quantify targets for infrastructure investment during the G20 meeting. Which Asian investment bank in 2016 committed $1 billion 200 million loan, $2 billion 500 million in 2017, $3 billion 500 million in 2018. June 24th, the Asian investment bank has approved the first batch of 4 loan projects, the loan amount of $509 million. Is expected in the high-level attention, funds to implement double promotion, "Belt and Road Initiative" infrastructure is expected to exceed expectations. Three, scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other areas of cooperation in the field of standards ten. Industry analysis] three yuan is expected to continue the prosperity of the material due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the proportion of China’s power batteries in the production of lithium batteries by the rapid increase in 2014 to 19% in 2015 of 36%. Driven by the explosive development of new energy vehicles, three yuan will rapidly enhance the material demand. Traditional 3C market demand is stable, stable demand in other areas. We observed three yuan of material since 2015 rose to $120 thousand tons of $160 thousand tons, with the emergence of supply gap, we expect the material boom will continue to be $three. We selected 4 to be the first to release three yuan capacity and is expected to directly benefit from the three yuan of the whole industrial chain business to the A shares of listed companies, respectively, when the rise of science and technology, Xiamen tungsten industry, Wei Li billion and shanshangufen. We were from the main business enterprise type, enterprise scale, growth ability and profitability conditions, selected three new board materials enterprises 3 yuan furniture of a certain investment value: Shanshan Li Tianli energy, and beiterui. PPP education is expected to rise in the process of the transformation of listed companies to accelerate the process of education industry, is currently a good time to layout education. The PPP model can be widely applied in schools, Thailand is expected to bridge mode expansion. Stocks, recommended Thailand bridge (International School of the first unit, the orthodox sense of the K12 Education); lanxum (endogenous + extension, education sector, the rapid growth of science and Technology (K12); electro-optic; the layout of the international education industry chain), Hong Tao shares (shares; at the same time, the first occupation education) and Yinrun investment recommendations concern xiuqiang in Hong Kong stock market, we suggest that attention to education and foreign education into the maple leaf. [company] recommended rating in shares of the company has formed a smart grid, the synchronous development of medical and health service structure, anti risk ability is improved, provides a robust and reliable guarantee for the company’s performance, we predicted in 2016, 2017, 2018 EPS were 0.25 yuan, 0.34 yuan, 0.43 yuan, respectively, corresponding to PE.相关的主题文章: