The United States House of representatives report Mengpi whistleblower

The US House of representatives report Mengpi "ACLU whistleblower Snowden praised Snowden as" a great American, deserve forgiveness for their patriotic behavior". After a long silence of the information picture, prism monitoring project exposure, former U.S. defense contractor employee Edward · Snowden recently returned to the public eye. 15, the United States House of Representatives intelligence committee released a report, Mengpi Snowden is not "principled whistleblower", his behavior seriously endanger the safety of American soldiers and civilians. 1 days ago, two human rights groups had just filed a petition to U.S. President Barack ·, calling on him to pardon Mr Snowden before the end of his term". 16, U.S. director Oliver · Stone’s new film, "the upcoming release of" Snowden. "Disgruntled employee" in 2013, Snowden revealed the U.S. National Security Agency prism monitoring project of secret documents to the media exposure, the U.S. security department "to monitor the activities of large-scale 9· after 11, after he had been living in russia. 15 public brief report is the United States House of Representatives intelligence committee completed two years of investigation, a summary of the top 36 pages of the top secret report. The investigation was carried out by Democrats and Republicans in the United States in an attempt to find out how Snowden had access to classified documents, documents, and the dangers of national security. The report pointed out that Snowden is a self proclaimed "whistleblower", he from the National Security Bureau "stole 1 million 500 thousand copies of sensitive documents, most of the contents of the documents have nothing to do with the invasion of privacy, but included on the U.S. foreign hostile forces significant intelligence and defense information. The report said, although it is impossible to "full" judge Snowden caused a serious damage, but the House Intelligence Committee was found after assessment, "he put to protect American troops overseas and for terrorists and national defense plays a key role in the secret submissively". The report also contains a number of accusations that have never been disclosed for Snowden himself and his motives. According to the report, Snowden stole and exposure of confidential documents because he and his colleagues and superiors often occur holiday and resentment". In addition, the report said Snowden has been exaggerated, make up his own experience: stop to the United States Army training is not because the legs fracture, but because of the anterior tibial pain to be eliminated; in working for the CIA, or "senior adviser", which is a primary computer technician; he even never won the equivalent of high school graduation diploma. "No frills twist" in response, Snowden on twitter posting said the report is the fact that the "no frills" distortion ", if not involved in this serious acts of dishonesty, the (report) pretty funny". After the prism project exposure, the U.S. government announced the arrest of Snowden, and to prosecute 3 felony charges against him. Under US law, Snowden faces up to 30 years in prison. 14, including the American Civil Liberties Union, including the two human rights organizations jointly launched a petition to appeal.相关的主题文章:

Chinese player Zheng Saisai harvest Wuhan Open Singles race – in the new network

Chinese player Zheng Saisai harvest Wuhan Open Singles race card – Beijing News Agency in September 20 Wuhan Xinhua (reporter Zhang Qin) Wuhan open (hereinafter referred to as "China") the Organizing Committee announced the evening of 20, China tennis player Zheng Saisai will hold the singles race, Peng Shuai Zhang Shuai and wild card play, record China local players war Wu net the highest number of singles match record. In addition, the preparation of the event is fully ready, the first players arrived in Wuhan on the day of preparation. It is reported that kicks-off.the Wu network has the most powerful event since the founding of the squad in September 23rd. Among them, the singles match, including the new world, the first US Open champion Gobel, sitting on the 22 Grand Slam singles trophy world second Serena Williams, third in the world, in 2015 China’s singles runner up mugulazha, the world’s top ten players will be coming out of Wuhan. In the singles qualifying, the team has the world’s top 60 players in the top 13, the lowest ranking in the world’s top ninetieth. The Wu, with direct finalists and wild card, there are Zhang Shuai, Peng Shuai, Zheng Saisai, Wang Qiang, Duan Yingying, Zhang Kailin and Wang Yafan 7 Chinese players, a tournament was founded 3 years project China singles players record. The reporter from the organizing committee was informed that some players have been in 20, arriving in Wuhan for all aspects of the venue, caddy, volunteers, security, catering, transportation, communication facilities and service team will also have ready. On the day of the arrival of the first batch of players including qualifying top seed, this week ranked twenty-ninth in the world of the Russian super rookie in Jin Na, the French star, the world’s highest ranking ever reached eleventh Conert etc.. The Wuhan open is the Beijing net, Shanghai masters, Chinese mainland highest level WTA tennis tournament, and is located in Doha, Rome, Montreal, Cincinnati became the WTA tournament alongside over five tour. 2016 Wu open will be held from September 23rd to October 1st in Hubei, Wuhan. (end)相关的主题文章:

Google’s VR daydream, sounded the clarion call of VR popularity-ca1806

Google’s VR daydream, sounded the clarion call of the popularity of VR in this article comes from the love van Google ready VR platform will be launched in the next few weeks time Daydream. Google has recently been preparing to cooperate with other companies to complete the content, in order to have the contents of the Daydream platform as a support. Daydream, another Google Play store? At present, Google’s "wishful thinking" is through the application and promotion of Daydream platform game content. Google I O conference this year, Google has said that the Daydream platform will appear on their own Google series of products, including Street View, YouTube, Photos, Play and other services VR special edition. Sources also said that Google and YouTube have a lot of red network cooperation, to help them create 360° video, also with EA, Ubisoft and other game makers, NBA and other sports cooperation. In addition, Google will help promote the video site Hulu part of the project. It is understood that Hulu will release a new video on Daydream, but may not be exclusive. On the platform of Daydream, a music application TheWaveVR co-founder Finn · steib (Finn Staber) said: Google making large investments in application on Daydream. The purpose of the investment is certainly not only to support the development of VR content, more reliable speculation is that the early exclusive content. Daydream to pave the way for VR? After the establishment of a mobile VR Daydream launched the first significant "reference design" means, and more complicated hardware and software vendors in the VR part will be the impact of extrusion, but on the other hand, the Daydream to the mobile VR a unified standard setting, the hardware market is no longer a ragged. TVR co-founder, said Fang Fang, Daydream gives a unified standard for content vendors, especially game manufacturers will be of great help. If you want to adapt to the different content of mobile devices, the work will become very complicated. Accordingly, Google can also get some of the benefits of content. Daydream is like the Windows system, under the system, game makers, content producers have a standard to follow, output and output more convenient. Imagine, Daydream for content producers to fix the road, then the road can run up the car will continue to increase. Google and content producers, each has a profit. DayDream is not a daydream, is the future of VR Google, Google sale Google Cardboard,.相关的主题文章:

China shale gas development will reach 30 billion cubic meters of oil production-p8400

Chinese shale gas development will usher in blowout " " strive to achieve output of 30 billion cubic meters of National Energy Bureau recently issued the "shale gas development plan (2016-2020)" proposed in the policy support and market development in successful cases, greatly improve the shale gas production, and strive to achieve the 2020 shale gas production of 30 billion cubic meters. Experts said that the development of shale gas will effectively promote transportation, steel, materials, equipment, cement, chemicals and other related industries, to attract domestic and foreign investment, and promote the sustainable development of local economy and national economy. "12th Five-Year" during the exploration and development of shale gas in China has made a major breakthrough, become the first outside North America to achieve large-scale commercial development of the country, has laid a solid foundation for the industrialization development of "13th Five-Year". The National Energy Bureau official said, "13th Five-Year" period, the new normal economic development will promote the adjustment of energy structure optimization, natural gas and other clean energy demand continues to increase, provides strategic opportunities for the large-scale development of shale gas. With the strengthening of air pollution control, vigorously promote clean low-carbon development strategy and actively promote the new urbanization, natural gas will play a greater role in the adjustment and optimization of energy structure. Energy Development Office of the State Council issued the "strategic action plan (2014-2020)" put forward clearly, to 2020 natural gas accounts for China’s primary energy consumption will reach more than 10%, vigorously develop shale gas in line with China’s energy development trend. Rich resource base and a good start for the development of China’s shale gas industry provides a solid guarantee. "12th Five-Year" period, China’s shale gas development breakthrough in South China, the large-scale commercial development of shale gas in Sichuan basin and many other favorable areas of industrial test flow, the South Sea Xiang Long horse Creek group of shale gas resources and development potential have confirmed. At the same time, China has basically mastered 3500 meters in shallow sea facies and efficient development of shale gas technology, will provide strong technical support for the "13th Five-Year" to accelerate the development of shale gas industry. It is understood that China’s shale gas wells single well investment, and production decline fast, stable gas production requires a large number of wells to be replaced between wells. Therefore, the larger scale of investment in shale gas development, the implementation of a long cycle, more uncertainty, shale gas development companies have greater financial pressure and investment risk. At the technical level, deep development technology has not yet mastered. The development of shale gas resources buried more than 3500 meters has higher requirements for the drilling and completion of horizontal wells and the production technology and equipment. Exploration and development competition is another big problem. Shale gas favorable area of mining rights and registered the conventional oil and gas mineral rights overlap, conventional oil and gas mineral rights exit mechanism is not perfect, it is difficult to play the advantages of independent minerals of shale gas. With the oil, coal and other traditional fossil energy prices fell, natural gas competitiveness declined, consumption growth slowed significantly. At the same time, domestic natural gas production increased steadily, Russia, Central Asia, China and Myanmar liquefied natural gas (LNG) and a series of long-term natural gas import agreement signed, the future of natural gas supply capacity significantly improved. Experts said, according to the current energy consumption structure, "13th Five-Year" during the supply of natural gas is more general)相关的主题文章: