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Ovulation to not to understand the maternal signal – Sohu leucorrhea many women may appear as underwear on the jelly like gel and worried, in fact, we do not panic, this is "a BDLS", is the signal of the upcoming period of ovulation. First, leucorrhea and leucorrhea drawing, the relationship between cervical mucus back to the top of the leucorrhea clear transparent, thin like egg white, is a mysterious vaginal secretions. Many sisters do not know what kind of secretion at the beginning, found panic, and feel ashamed to ask others, had to sneak to Baidu. In fact, leucorrhea is a very normal vaginal secretions of women, it is also affected by the control of estrogen, with the big aunt tacit cooperation, play its own role in the menstrual cycle. Assist you judge ovulating and with time, it is also one of the role. Ovulation period is not up to it? See if you can see the leucorrhea signal! First look at the popularity of common sense, many of my friends do not know what is the relationship between the cervical mucus and leucorrhea, leucorrhea is commonly known as some of my friends think of cervical mucus, cervical mucus is leucorrhoea name…… Is it right? In fact, cervical mucus and leucorrhea is a subordinate relationship, cervical mucus is an integral part of leucorrhea. 1, vaginal discharge is the vagina, vaginal mucosa exudate, cervical glands and endometrial glandular secretions mixed, including vaginal epithelial exfoliated cells, white blood cells and some non pathogenic bacteria. 2 BDLS is a special form of leucorrhea special period, women will increase in ovulation secretion, transparent drawing leucorrhea, leucorrhea can be very long, and not easy to break, clear and transparent elastic, is egg shaped. 3, cervical mucus is one of the main components of the leucorrhea, appear in the cervix around the mouth, is containing glycoprotein, plasma protein, sodium chloride and water hydrogel. The cervix is the sperm into the uterine portal, cervical mucus can be said to be waiting for the uterus of the "Guardian", prepared to meet the challenge of the cervix around. If it is in the non ovulation period, cervical mucus will become viscous, the sperm will be difficult to cross. And if in the ovulation period, cervical mucus will be thin, and contains a lot of water, such as cervical mucus is conducive to sperm into. At the same time, because of the cervical mucus water more toughness, so the sisters will find the narrow leucorrhea outflow, sometimes can pull it up to ten cm, we often say that "BDLS.". So, the relationship between leucorrhea and leucorrhea drawing, cervical mucus is this: cervical mucus is one of the main components of leucorrhea, leucorrhea drawing is cervical mucus more water toughness and the formation of the special status of leucorrhea. Two, leucorrhea cyclical change leucorrhea is to protect the vagina is not a kind of acid secretion by bacteria invasion, also can be regarded as the female intimate little guard! It is the same with the big aunt, but also has a cyclical change oh! Do not know you have not found a long time when leucorrhea, when the law of the thick thin it? It turned out that the secretion of vaginal secretion and ovarian endocrine hormones, especially cervical mucus, it is also in different periods of menstrual cycle has a qualitative and quantitative changes in the cycle. In general, a menstrual cycle of leucorrhea change is the case:.相关的主题文章: