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The online market washing machine, will also enter a scuffle? — home — original title: online washing machine market, will also enter a scuffle? At the end of 8, GREE appliances circle to make washing machine broke the news earlier, in mid August, millet ecological chain brand rice official micro-blog released Gilardino intelligent washing machine to raise public news, let the audience think millet unknown also want a washing machine. Although the domestic washing machine market is nearly saturated, but the high-end appliances, intelligent trend is still to the online washing machine market has brought new growth opportunities. There is still a big market nearly saturated online opportunities according to chart data monitoring, this year 1-7 month online four appliance only flat-panel TV share fell, washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator market share are rising year on year, the washing machine increases 1.1%; at the same time, in June this year, years to large online washing machine sales rose 63.4% the online purchasing power, rapid growth, the market still has a sharp rise in space. Before the data show that the average penetration of domestic washing machine market has more than 76% cities, the market is more than 96%, the washing machine market has been saturated. However, the proportion of users under the online store to buy washing machines accounted for 75.4%, accounting for only. With the increase in online shopping penetration and electricity supplier channels sink to the lower tier cities, the proportion of online purchase of washing machines will continue to improve. Online purchasing power growth and the popularity of online shopping, home appliance companies and Internet brands to enter the online washing machine market provides an excellent opportunity. According to the domestic leading brand scrimmage giant public data show that the domestic washing machine market sales accounted for 55.3% of domestic brands, domestic and foreign brands can be said to meet as equals. However, the online washing machine market is the leading domestic brands: 1-7 months of this year, online TOP10 washing machine brand share brand Chinese the sum of more than 50%, of which only Haier beauty and beauty’s Little Swan Washing machine has more than 40% shares, accounted for 14.4% of foreign brands only SIEMENS, Matsushita, LG Samsung total share of only 13.1%, visible in the domestic online washing machine market, foreign brand, domestic brands further take cities and seize territory. Not only in the domestic market, domestic washing machine has a firm foothold in the global market. GFK data show that the first half of this year, the Japanese automatic washing machine market, Haier washing machine for more than 36% share of the industry ranked first, domestic appliance brand influence has begun to show that the global radiation, coupled with the first half of this year, Haier, the United States and other foreign giants have acquired huge household appliances, robot enterprises, domestic appliance brand the influence will continue to increase. At the same time, the pattern of domestic online washing machine market, domestic brands will further squeeze foreign brands, black white TCL on behalf of the brand force soon entered the online washing machine market TOP10 with good performance, for the home appliance giant GREE, by virtue of its own technical advantages in the washing machine market should also be latecomers become the first. Rising market average price rise to accelerate the upgrading of the past two years, the home appliance market presents a high-end, intelligent trend相关的主题文章: