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The road to AI VR chip companies have earned pours the science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Ding Ding comes in this wave aside artificial intelligence and virtual reality, there are numerous start-up companies began to re-examine their own position, and the original project or business tilt to artificial intelligence, virtual reality etc.. More companies are still looking for their own business model, in the way the way of profit. As for the upstream chip manufacturers, although the air is constantly changing, but the industry for the calculation of the requirements and did not transfer, on the contrary, demand continues to grow. Jen-hsun Huang founded NVIDIA (Ying Weida) in 1999 invented GPU, he was not aware of GPU in the future of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other areas will have such a large space for development. With the power of GPU, NVIDIA is also from a graphics chip company, AI computing company transformation. The new technology needs to calculate chip companies bring new opportunities before 2014, in the consumer market, GPU is mainly used in game effects rendering, in the business market is limited to industrial design, video production, super computer etc.. Jen-hsun Huang GTC Developers Conference in China revealed that in the past three years, the industry’s demand for GPU computing explosive growth. Among them, deep learning and artificial intelligence are closely related to the calculation of load demand, an increase of 16 times, this number should be much higher than Moore’s. And just two years, the depth of the neural network based on GPU download the number of laboratory engine developers increased by 25 times, from 2014 to the 2200, the rapid growth of the current 55 thousand times. Allegedly, the use of deep neural network developers, there are many artificial intelligence researchers. Jen-hsun Huang said, now all laboratories will use NVIDIA GPU platform to do AI research, which is also the Internet software company, software providers, and Internet Co, car companies, government, medical imaging, financial and manufacturing company. Among them, Baidu in recent years has been using GPU do AI artificial intelligence research. Allegedly, the current use of speech recognition on the phone input, the speed has reached 3 times the keyboard input. And such a result, can not be separated from the background to provide a strong computing power Baidu hardware devices. The industry’s demand for computing power, focused on the purchase of the chip, which can be seen from the upstream chip earnings. Intel’s latest earnings report showed that in 2016 two quarter revenue of $13 billion 500 million, an increase of 3%, net profit of $1 billion 300 million, down 51% year-on-year, according to the non GAAP (Non-GAAP), net profit of $2 billion 900 million, $3 billion 100 million over the same period last year fell 6%. The main reason for the decline in Intel’s net profit is the two quarter earnings of about $1 billion 400 million in restructuring costs. Intel plans to lay off 2017 people in mid, in order to cut costs, focusing on the current demand for strong server chips and the Internet of things chip business. If points.相关的主题文章: