On behalf of the driver to send home and drove off the road traffic police shouting brother cheers denka

The generation of driving home the man drove the car parked police shouting brother cheers recently, Jiaxing Haining police found a drunk man Mr. Hu, but the man of good performance, see the police did not escape, but also very conscious will be parked in the car nearby, this is how it happened? On behalf of the driver to the door he drove the car to the road in September 20th, Mr. Hu is a company’s sales, the day, the company organized training activities in Jiaxing. After the training was completed, Mr. Hu and other colleagues had dinner together in Jiaxing, and drank wine. After almost 8 points after dinner, Mr. Hu had intended to return to Haining with a colleague. However, his colleagues because they do not want to manually open the car, and Mr. Hu’s car back filled with items, can not sit. So, colleagues to help Mr. Hu to find the generation of driving, then left on their own. 8:50 or so, on behalf of the car drove into the area after Mr. Hu left. Hu said that when the time came, I feel particularly tired, in the car will sleep, the sleep, the results of an accident. The front wheel hit the tire stopped in retrograde after a while the police patrol near, Mr. Hu woke up, however, at this time his drunk like even more, the car started the doings of ghosts and gods, but also to the road! 9:40 or so, Mr. Hu drove the car came from the fist road. At this point, there is a traffic police in dealing with an accident on the road. Because do not know what time to hit the left front tire, the car could not control some. To blow by the near east side of bridge, Mr. Hu also blocked the car to retrograde. After bypassing the two cars, Mr. Hu and perseverance retrograde. On the way to the side of the road, the car crashed into a roadside barrier. In the car parked on the roadside, Mr Hu took a long time to stagger under the car, his strange behavior immediately aroused the attention of the police. Blood alcohol content has been drunk driving standard nearly 4 times! After the traffic police found that Mr. Hu was covered with wine, but also to the police and hugged him, kept shouting: brothers! Friend! After blowing detection results showed that the blood alcohol content of Mr. Hu reached 301mg 100ml! You have to look at the popularity of the tide on drunk driving standard: drunk driving, the driver between the blood alcohol content between 20mg 100ml and 80mg 100ml; drunken driving, the driver’s blood alcohol content greater than 80mg 100ml. In other words, Mr. Hu’s blood alcohol content has been drunk driving standard nearly 4 times! The police put Mr. Hu to go to the hospital for a blood test, Mr. Hu also launched a bacchanal, beating the desktop graffiti on the need to sign on the list, the mouth kept shouting: you shut me up! Shut in! At present, blood test results, Mr. Hu has not come out, if confirmed to the drunken standard, according to the law, he faces 1 to 6 months of detention, driver’s license will be revoked, and shall not be 5 years to obtain a driving license.相关的主题文章: