New Jeep freedom man super fun track day

The new Jeep freedom man "super driving fun track" Phoenix car Beijing news: October 14th, high back rate, high security, high performance and professional level of the whole traffic capacity near "13-17 million professional super fun to drive SUV" – the new Jeep freedom man, in Beijing resset racing field officially opened the "super fun to drive the opening track day". Hundreds of guests and new media Jeep freedom man gathered in the track, more beautiful Racer Back refueling, feel free to bring ultra common man driving fun experience. Condensed Jeep 75 years, the United States Department of professional SUV lineage and Fiat for the past 117 years, the Department of European sports car control gene of the new Jeep free man, with the strength of the entry-level SUV proved the performance of the benchmark. On the day of the event, the new Jeep free man appeared in the track, and provide the same level of the most professional track control experience platform for all the guests present at the media. One day, in a multi-dimensional, multi-level competition and training links set up, so that the experience of the unprecedented experience of SUV driving fun track day. Accelerate the PK race experience the strongest acceleration speed and passion, in the small SUV sector also has its leader. The new Jeep has the strongest man free high power 1.4T turbocharged engine, maximum torque of 230 cattle meters and · the strongest 79 kilowatts of power per liter, with 0.35 SUV gold body drag coefficient, show the strongest acceleration performance, set off your sprint pleasure. SUV track training camp to fully experience the precise control and high security of the new Jeep free man not only has the same level of the strongest acceleration performance, its maneuverability is more unique advantages. Sit in won the "Ward global top ten interior free man inside the car, the high value of beauty Yan racer for your guidance, teach you to grasp every opportunity curving and cutting precision in each car line. Freedom to provide you with the same dynamic chassis system – four wheel independent suspension +FSD adaptive damping system, taking into account the comfort and precision control. The only four wheel independent suspension, compared with the commonly used models at the same level of rear torsion beam semi independent suspension, better comfort and stability. FSD adaptive damping system can vibrate frequency perception of different road conditions and driving state, automatically adjust the damping, can effectively inhibit the body roll in the corners, enhance the driving pleasure, but also consider the driving comfort, driving to be a degree of relaxation. As the only access to the "E-NCAP" safe collision five-star results models, 70% high strength steel body to provide the driver in the history of the most hard protection. ESC electronic stability system to provide the perfect bend protection, with DST dynamic steering assistance, so that free man in the face of the race in a variety of driving limit, still be able to freely control. The gravel road experience as the industry’s first super driving fun full road race, is not only a test driver, it is necessary to the SUV professional comprehensive ability. Leap vertical drop of 5 meters high, through the dangerous hump high ring road, simulation test, elk through the sleepers bumpy road, every road racing project test, the verification of inheritance in the new Jeep free man 75 years.相关的主题文章: