New car tire quality is poor Four years will have to change

New car tire quality is poor? Four years will have to change the welcome to the fifth "BB forum" tire seemingly insignificant knowledge is great car tire of poor quality? Four years will have to change? Tire to look at the production date? What brand to buy tires good? Today BB elder brother take you to understand: tire must common sense one: tire wear how to see? II: how to change the spare tire yourself? Three: how to do on the road tire? One: tire wear how to see? How to judge whether the tire wear degree need to change? The following four kinds of circumstances, see on hand! 1, aging seriously observe the tread and sidewall of the tire tread, if there are cracks in many places, it shows that the tire has been aging serious. Especially the sidewall cracks, must be promptly replaced, because the sidewall is very vulnerable part of the tire, at high speed and easy puncture under high temperature. 2, serious wear and tear to see how serious it? There are indications of tire wear on each tire, wear to a certain extent, it should change the tire. China’s regulations, the tire tread wear surface to less than 1.6 mm, you need to change. The wear marks on the tyres are set according to this standard. But in fact, this is only a minimum requirement, to this extent, the tire grip and drainage performance dropped significantly, the security will become worse. It is recommended to double this standard, it is safer, that is to say, fetal pattern to stay more than 3 mm depth. 3, the package has deformation if your tires from the package deformation proof metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken, you may at any time when driving out, very dangerous, the proposal to change! 4, frequent repair tyres were Norte, a lot of friends in the roadside repair shop, spend twenty or thirty dollars a tire. But with a tyre repair more than 3 times, then the tire is not safe, recommend replacing tires. A friend bought a new car, tire ran 4 resistant around you, there a large number of fine cracks. My private experience, automotive OEMs supporting the tire quality is generally about 4 years time, tyre performance, I generally in 4 years when it replaced the original tire; from the tire shop to buy tire quality is better, more than a year — probably don’t know what this mystery? Is not the main factory to keep the prices down too hard, so the tire factory of cutting corners? Combined with the national conditions, if you want to determine the safety of the tire life, then I think, should be 5 to 6 years is appropriate, conservative, then you can change in about 5 years. II: how to change the spare tire yourself? The car is generally provided with a spare tire, most of my friends have not change their own spare experience, but to grasp the method of tyre is very important, often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes, right? 1, if the preparatory work on the highway emergency change, need to put the car on the roadside listen, pull the handbrake, open the double flash, and warning signs on the car is placed behind 50–150 meters. 2, remove the tools and spare tire is built on most models, opened the trunk mat, take the spare tire. Note: the spare tire was taken out, placed below the tire side skirts in the need to replace the smooth upward, then replace the spare tire can play a supporting role. 3. Remove the broken tyre and remove the tyre.相关的主题文章: