Network about the car industry policy change how to deal with entrepreneurial companies

Network about the car industry policy change how to deal with entrepreneurial companies? Recently, drops taxi software is being laughed at as didi intimate". "Girl, not what the introduction of network online recently about the car policies? You keep your eye on the spot! Beijing Beijing, the displacement in the 2.0L and above 1.8T. Remember to make up hair, nothing to go on the platform taxi. Professional blind platform are not taxi platform fly". The above content is piece, but from the side reflects the qualified taxi software employment is becoming a part of the group that scarce condition. The introduction of the "online booking taxi service management Interim Measures (Draft)" caused heated debate. Whether listed companies or start-up companies, policy adjustments will have a greater impact on the industry. Insiders suggested policy responses to startup adjustment, one is to actively open government and government level communication, research, to allow the government to fully understand the information industry, the formation of regular two-way communication; two is the reference of foreign policy, the policy is expected to do. Net car about the introduction of the new deal in October 8th, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four first-tier cities, published in the "Interim Measures for online booking taxi service management business the same day (Draft)", and to seek the views of society. Four city launched the network about the new car is clearly more stringent regulations in the Ministry of communications on July issued the Interim Provisions, including vehicle standards, driver qualifications and operators have been put forward higher requirements. Subsequently, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Huizhou also announced the local network about car rules. This round of the announcement of the city, Tianjin on the driver and vehicle requirements and the same Beijing. Guangzhou, Chongqing restrictions on vehicle registration is local, but does not limit the driver’s household registration. Shenzhen, Hangzhou, the restrictions on the registration of vehicles, the driver’s request to relax to hold a residence permit for a certain period of time can be employed. According to the September 22nd release of "mobile travel by travel and driver employment report" shows that as of September 22nd, Didi platform has more than 15 million drivers, covering the special express train, taxi, ride, such as driving on behalf of several lines of business. The report pointed out that the driver drops on the platform to have a family and children of 70, 80% of men. In special express, for example, after 80 to become the main force of the driver, accounting for 46%, after the proportion of up to 32% in the platform to obtain income on the platform to become a lot of young people’s choice of income, the number of young people to choose to become the main force of the driver, the proportion of up to 70. "Draft" on the impact of the obvious drops. In Shanghai, for example, in the details of the introduction of the same day, said the response of the platform in Shanghai, 410 thousand drivers, only less than 3% of the local household registration in Shanghai. At the same time, Didi said that the local government to tighten the net about car access conditions, including restrictions on the wheelbase, which means that drops in the city of Shanghai about the car will have more than 80% can not meet the conditions. In the efficiency of travel, in accordance with the draft, waiting for a long time will also be extended from the current average of 5 minutes to more than 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the Thai public opinion data show that as of July 2016, from the geographical distribution, 83% of the drivers in China’s eastern and central regions more developed areas, such as Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan, etc.. The driver is the largest amount of Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang,.相关的主题文章: