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National Securities: find the apple industry chain the opportunity sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my "red week" contributing author national securities Huang Bo in recent years continued to be bad mouthing the Apple Corp recently re occupy people’s vision of you, after the industry believes that the sales of iPhone has reached its peak, people are receding enthusiasm for Apple products. But according to media reports, from Apple’s new flagship iPhone7 delivery in 5 days time, the global fruit powder have begun at the apple retail store queued outside. They moved out of the small stool, put up the tent, just to get the iPhone7 as soon as possible. This will undoubtedly prove that Apple products are still the ability to reverse all sentient beings. Back to the two level market, the recent Ruoshi pattern in a phenomenon worthy of attention, the 2016 report shows that a driver of the national development strategy in the first half of the innovation, to serve the new industry and new economy, is committed to creating entrepreneurial and innovative market engine for the purpose of the GEM market good start, operating income, net profit the highest growth rate in recent years a new high; on the other hand, Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong, unfamiliar street, Sina and a large number of Internet companies, in this year’s performance is very eye-catching, unfamiliar street in the early 60 trading days almost doubled. Visible, although the overall valuation of the gem on the high side, but the overall growth is still a certain degree of performance support and recognition of capital. Therefore, the future can still focus on investment opportunities in the apple industry chain. First, Apple’s new feature upgrades to get market recognition. IPhone7 has ten major upgrades, audio, waterproof and camera is the main aspect; Apple Watch ushered in a major innovation, waterproof and built-in GPS module will help the new Watch Series2 from sports field into the market, sales volume is expected to quickly upgrade. Secondly, the apple industry chain business performance is still good. According to statistics, A shares 26 of apple industry chain stocks, there are 19 company semi annual performance growth, the proportion of over 70%, at the same time, 13 apple industry chain company already announced three quarterly results in only 4 pre cut, the remaining 9 are forecasted, thus, the apple industry chain is still the subject of industry the smallest chain on the national economy, and it is rare for three consecutive quarter results for the rapid growth of the industry chain. Around the apple industry chain, you can look for investment opportunities from multiple dimensions. Apple itself as a result of the upstream component suppliers to bring Apple downstream products to guide the outbreak of the outbreak of the need for cloud pipe end investment opportunities. Apple Corp mergers and acquisitions in recent years reflects the future development strategy and cutting-edge technology, with the development of hardware industry chain, many technology gradually have the industrial conditions, the mobile phone industry will change from quantitative to qualitative change, one is AR VR, double holographic photos of the new generation open the photo, not only take pictures, photo will be double AR VR input window; two is the trend of flexibility, flexible OLED from the mobile phone to wear will be a trend which cannot be halted, then VR gradually broke out, Apple will lead the trend of AMOLED; three is wireless, wireless charging from the mobile phone to the new energy theory相关的主题文章: