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Mugu point out A- pull the most difficult points eliminated still go all out to fight Cruz Mu Gu Raza sina sports news mugulazha once again a waste of the Bureau, the leading 5-4 serving dish Bureau, she did not get the chance to be the first final snatches 7 was reversed after the finals this year, became the first player. Although has been eliminated, but she said she would still be in the fight against Kuzva. "We played a good game and in the end she won the game. I could have done better at the moment, but she did have a lot of good shots and it was really hard for me." Mu Gu Raza such evaluation. "It’s a good fit for her, and everyone here is not good. And last year, this year’s game is also very difficult." Then he added. Mu Gu Raza and A- Ladd game did not retreat, she must win to keep their hopes, but this did not bring her pressure. "I didn’t think about the promotion, I just wanted to win the game, I didn’t think about the team. Of course, this tournament, even if you lose the game still have a chance to qualify, but my mind is to win the game." A- Ladd is feeling the best players on tour. She always played many amazing ball, when it comes to this formidable opponent, mugulazha commented. "She is very stable, very few mistakes, the move can cover the whole audience. She is also very good, always know where you want to go, of course, she can always play amazing shots." As for Pulis Bokova game, mugulazha has been in control of the initiative in the game, but she didn’t take advantage to the end. "I had a chance to win the game in the first round of 5-4, but I didn’t do well, and finally she got the first set. Like Price Kurkovva’s game, when you have a chance, but not the end of the game, the back of the game may be very difficult, it may be two or three things. Yes, after I lost a little depressed, there is some confusion in mind." At the end of the season, Mourinho looked forward to Kuzva. "It’s going to be a tough game. It’s a very good game. It’s a tough game. I don’t have much to look forward to. I just want to run."相关的主题文章: