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Business It is true that in business, the motivation to get things done is more likely when greed is involved. When I do this, maybe the boss will give me a raise. Honestly, I have also been motivated by the same thought myself. But, I have also thought that if I don’t get something done, maybe I will lose my job. The greatest motivation seems to be tied to having enough cash and living well. Sales or Marketing The motivation to succeed in sales or marketing works on the same principle. Begin by creating a bonus plan where the top salesperson gets the best bonus and those that perform somewhat lower also get lower bonuses until a point is reached when no incentive is given. You are guaranteed to see results but the workplace may be.e extremely cut throat. Bonuses can be awarded for finishing work ahead of time, too. Rewards such as certificates with people’s names on them can work too as the incentive need not necessarily be expensive, only desired. Highest Motivational Performance Factor Pay per performance is a much larger motivational per- formance factor. Above and beyond the annual raise funds provided, a portion of profit is set aside to distribute to employees exactly proportional to their yearly performance. Increasing annual in.e, adding year-end bonuses, and rewarding employees in this manner is like asking them to "walk on water daily". Those who are capable of performing like this do extremely well. Assess Accordingly Some people simply don’t have the ability to perform at rocket-science levels every day, or even some days. It’s best to gauge your motivational technique to the workforce with which you are dealing. For instance, an announcement to your office staff on Monday that 100% attendance for the entire week receives a reward like a "gift certificate worth $50" is bound to encourage an increase in attendance. It’s surprising how effective the little things are. Caring, empathy and respect are essential and very important motivational factors. How you .municate with your employees says a great deal about your ethics and your business .mitments. I like it best when I am told what needs to be done and left to my own devices to see it through to .pletion. Unless I said something to him, my boss would leave me alone to do my work. But, if I shot him an e-mail stating that I needed to talk to him, you can bet he was giving me a call within an hour because he knew I was not the type to just talk to people about things unrelated to work. Within a few months, my boss and I had our relationship down solid. He trusted that I was steadily pounding out the work and that if I did send that e-mail asking him to call me, it probably was not to talk about who won the game the night before. Before long, I was pulling in those bonuses mentioned earlier! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: