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UnCategorized Having someone share their top SEO secrets with you can lead you well on the way to success. Here are a few of my SEO secrets 1 – .ment Google loves a blog. Sometimes you will find another blog in one of those coveted page 1 positions. Many of those blogs accept .ments. So, leave a .ment. You know the rules by now. Don’t over .mercialize, be helpful, be useful, good things will follow. Of course, don’t forget to leave a keyword link to your target site by using your keyword as your user name. 2 – Do a search – Search on Google for your target keyword. Visit the top 10 sites with the mindset: "How do I get my link on THIS site?". The answer probably lies above or beneath you. For example, you may often see an article directory, such as Ezine Articles, occupying one of the top spots. Another good tactic is to use an article submission service. So, if you were to write and submit an article, with your target keyword as part of the headline, who knows what might happen? Especially if you submit the RSS feed of all your articles, as outlined in step 1. 3 – Advertise – If all else fails, don’t forget you can always advertise. Buy a cheap Adwords campaign and if you cant afford the click costs for your target keyword then focus instead on the long tail keywords that are related to your target keyword (they are a lot cheaper). You can also buy ads on specific sites on a per click or per impression basis. Facebook is also a good, sometimes cheaper, alternative to Adwords. There are other simply amazing advertising opportunities, where it is relatively cheap to advertise on other people’s sites and blogs including a number of other excellent options. Some independent sites also accept banner and link advertising. Some will if you ask them, so if you see a site in that top position and you want to be part of that, send them an email. You will often be pleasantly surprised how little the webmaster will want for a decently placed link or banner. By the way, you will note that I didn’t mention social bookmarking. Now, of course, that’s important and you may want to see which of your pages are doing well first and then social bookmark a few of them in some of the more popular social bookmarking sites. Start off at socialmarker, Digg and Stumbleupon from there. But in closing, I think social bookmarking alone will not be enough to get you on page 1. Now, please prove me wrong and then let me know. I guess that’s the secret really. Don’t think of page 1 as hallowed ground. Rather think of it as YOUR territory and you just want to stake your claim. You want your piece of it. Like I said at the start, with a properly thought out SEO campaign, you can own page 1, with your own web-sites, but these ‘bullying’ strategies are certainly the next best thing and will give you quicker, but often shorter lived results. So, THE SEXY SEO SECRET IS: Your Google page 1 link does not have to be to your site. If you ‘own’ the spot, then that means your .petitor does not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: