Microsoft windows system exposed new vulnerabilities that are being used by Russian hackers

The new Windows system vulnerabilities exposed Microsoft said it was Russian hackers use Microsoft Corp Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news, Microsoft said on Tuesday that a newly discovered vulnerabilities on Windows operating system a hacker organization on the use of them, the hacker organization associated with the Russian government, American political hacking attacks. Microsoft said in a bulletin published in its official website, a small amount from the Russian hacker organization "Strontium" launched cyber attacks have been found so far, the hackers also known as "APT28" or "Fancy Bear", which in the process of attack using "spear phishing email as a tool". Microsoft did not disclose the identity of any attack victims. Microsoft said that hackers exploit a loophole in Adobe’s Flash software and Microsoft Windows operating system vulnerabilities. On Monday, Adobe released a patch for the vulnerability as security researchers and Google disclosed details of the attack. Yesterday, Google security mechanism "threat analysis group" (Threat Analysis group) in its official blog discloses a Windows operating system on the critical level of security vulnerabilities, the move has angered Microsoft. Microsoft said that after the discovery of Windows vulnerabilities, Google did not wait for Microsoft to release security patches, they will promptly disclose the details of the vulnerability of the public, so that customers at risk. Before we release the patch, the test, Google will be open to these vulnerabilities disappointing, but also greatly increased the risk faced by customers." Microsoft says. If you want to see more interesting, new technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: