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Men must pay attention to testicular self-examination – Sohu maternal and child men on their sexual organs are most concerned about?. But in fact, the testis is a man should pay more attention to the sex organs, is the fundamental man. Confession: a lot of testicular my name, but only one name, called testis. My brother, two, lives in a constant temperature scrotum. I grow with the age of the master. Master ten years old, I have only a small volume, the rapid growth in the future, to the owner of the age of seventeen, I was "adult", the volume of 12-25 cubic centimeters, the shape of a small flat oval, like a quail egg. When the master is in the womb, I live in the master’s belly. Generally in the master of the gestational age 7 to September or after the birth of the master, I moved to the scrotum to live. As I move from the abdominal cavity to the capsule, I am still stuck in the abdominal cavity, groin, or other parts of the body due to my own development or a number of other factors that cause me to move downward. At this time, the scrotum absolutely empty people give me such a situation, made a clumsy howl "cryptorchidism". In general, the master in the newborn, cryptorchidism accounted for 10%, compared to 0.3% in adults and to the side, on both sides of about 10% of the total to 20%. I am mature for the master to do two things, one is the male hormone secretion, so that the owner keeps virility; two is to produce sperm, so that the owner has a successor. The male hormone secreted by the interstitial cells in my body, testosterone, it can promote the normal development of male sexual organs and sexual characteristics, and maintain the normal state, the man glory forever. If the owner is not before adulthood for some reason my brothers were completely removed, to master the adult appearance, neither male nor female isn’t exactly like, suddenly, no beard, sideburns downward, higher pitch; reproductive organs are not developed, such as the penis, seminal vesicle and prostate hypoplasia, lost the ability of intercourse and fertility. The feudal emperor’s palace eunuch servants serve is such a person. The more than 1 thousand seminiferous tubules in my body produce sperm. Normal male sperm life cycle for 14-17 days. I release about 10 million sperm per day for every 1 grams. A normal man can produce about 300 million sperm per day, the number of sperm produced in life about 1 trillion. Normal ejaculation semen volume of about 1 2-6 ml, about more than 100 million sperm per milliliter of sperm injection can reach more than 2-6. If less than 60 million sperm per milliliter of semen, less than 85% of the sperm activity, no activity or dead sperm more than 15%, it can be regarded as abnormal. If you don’t have so many lively and healthy sperm help, it is difficult to ensure that the sperm and egg can "bridge", it is difficult to match. My bulky size and fertility and sexual function have a certain relationship. Because of factors such as heredity, nutrition, my physique is different, some people are small. If my volume is less than 12 mm, it means that I have bad growth or atrophy, spermatogenic function is affected, but the sexual function still exists; if my volume is less than 6.相关的主题文章: