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Z Meditation was founded by Ajay Kapoor in 1997. This meditation work uses rational and analytical technique to understand and quiet the mind. The method used is called Deep DeConditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras. Deep DeConditioning Inquiry Deep DeConditioning Inquiry involves mindfulness of inner agitation and digging out its roots with the help of six systematic questions. These questions make one understand that the roots of the inner noise are certain false beliefs. Unless there is detachment from these beliefs, one can never be peaceful. For example, ‘Money gives happiness’ is a belief that is at the root of the chase for money and all the stress involved with it. Unless one detaches from this belief, there will be chase, stress, worries, happiness, sadness and all kinds of turbulence attached. Radiant Mantras There are six radiant mantras in Z Meditation. These mantras are statements that help in invoking a state of unconditioned peace, love and freedom. It is emphasized in Z Meditation that the mantras should be done in one’s own language so that their meaning can penetrate. Also, in this meditation work, you are not supposed to have quantized goals like the number of mantras that you should do every day. You are just supposed to live the work in the moment you are practicing. The practice does not end at the seat of meditation. You are supposed to practice throughout the day. When one gives up the false beliefs and accepts the mantras, the state of freedom is attained. It is the freedom from all suffering. It is the freedom from all chasing, depending and expecting. One realizes that one is already whole. One does not need to do or achieve anything for reaching this state of the mind. Z Meditation Retreats Z Meditation is taught in two levels. The first level is a fifteen-day and the second is a eight-day silent retreat held at Z Meditation Center in India. In the first level of learning, one gets all the basic knowledge of mind and meditation. One gets the knowledge and practice of the Deep DeConditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras. In the second level, the questions of Deep DeConditioning Inquiry deepen further and the strongest false beliefs are rooted out from the mind. The second level helps in realizing the Self that is the source of the mind and the universe. Prerequisites for joining Z Meditation Retreats: One needs to practice A Simple Awareness Exercise for one hour before one can join the first level of Z Meditation. It is seen that a seeker with any of the following qualities will draw a lot of benefit from this work: A sincere desire to know the Truth Who you are and whence you are? Dissatisfaction with the current suffering. You want to transform your life now. You know that your mind is restless and you must do something about it soon. You are already looking for tools to do the same. You love studying books related to mental upliftment. You are very compassionate and this causes suffering sometimes. You are fearless by nature and love to take up inner challenges. While doing something, you get absorbed and forget everything else. You understand that desires and expectations are actually counter-productive for happiness. You want to know the purpose of your life and live accordingly. You have already been practicing for quite some time, but you dont go deep in meditation. You are sincerely looking for true spiritual guidance that can give you stable spiritual growth. Benefits of Z Meditation When you sincerely practice Z Meditation, it can lead to the following uplifting results: Effortless sailing in life: You now laugh at yourself that you used to consider problems as problems. They become useful opportunities of self growth. Not a victim any more: You refuse to let anybody shatter your peace and fulfillment. Understanding: Instead of feeling bad about the attitude of others, you rather understand the platforms from where people are behaving. Inner fulfillment: You realize your fulfillment in the silence of the mind and in non-chasing. Openness in relationship: You don’t have to please anybody anymore. You are honest and loving and don’t have fears of loss etc. Beautiful Mornings: You wake up every day with a smile and look forward to Living it. Compassion even for the unknowns: Your heart is full of love. It is Love now and not doting or attachment. No judging: You prefer understanding to criticizing and judging. You understand that the latter is very harmful for your happiness. Peace: You don’t get angry or frustrated anymore. Sometimes, you may need to show anger, which is like a line drawn on the surface of water. It vanishes in no time. Control: You are not impulsive and have perfect control over your timings. No arguments: You don’t need to or want to prove anything to anybody. You are not defensive anymore. No Superiority: You are so busy in self growth that you don’t have to time to think what others are thinking about you. No Inferiority: You understand that money or status or power or cars or houses or jobs have nothing to do with the state of fulfillment. If you have them, it is OK. If you don’t, it is also OK. Health: It is not only your mental health, it is also your physical health also that improves and you don’t have to go to doctors anymore. Happiness: You give yourself ten on ten on happiness and fulfillment as you do what you ought to and you don’t do what you don’t ought to. Sleep: You sleep like a log and work like a horse. In short, you are a very happy person. When the mind is thus happy, you deserve to experience the eternal truth that your true identity is divine and blissful. You are the purest eternal awareness. Birth and death are mere notions. Coming into being and ceasing to be never happens to you. You have nothing to do with the relative. You are yourself the Absolute. 相关的主题文章: