Making Money Online Vol. 4-yo te amo

Advertising Hello folks, this is Seth Rubberfold with your latest copy of Making Money Online. In the previous update, we went over hyped products, and networking a downline of sellers for your business. Some of the other options you have are a direct seller of products, and blogging. In Money to Be Made Online many of the set backs you may experience can be avoided by learninf from the pros. Why not learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to waste time, energy, and money on needless failures? Today I want to explain how you can use your sales information to your advantage. Currently the hottest trend is customer’s psychological profile. If you can create a survey of the information you have stored about your customers, .panies will buy it for extremely large amounts of money, depending on the size and quality of information gathered. A great way to do this is to offer a free bonus if the customer fills out a quality of service/product survey. Design the survey to fit a certain amount and type of information. For example, Z .pany is interested in the demographics of people who shop online, specifically for one of the products you market, bath and beauty products. Z .pany wants to know how many women versus men buy products of that nature online, how much the average is, how much higher paying customers in.e is, etc We’re getting into some of the bigger aspects of online marketing, so I suggest you get a pre-paid legal .pany or network with some lawyers. Outsource a webpage for them (get someone to do it for you, and offer it to a lawyer friend), in exchange for that lawyer drafting contracts for you. You can make your own contracts, but either way you need one. Drafts are available online, but to be on the safe side, get a lawyer. Draft a contract that specifies the exact types of information Z .pany is interested in, and how much they’ll pay per hundred, or thousand of people’s information you collect. Sign the contract with them, and you’re ready to cash in. Now here’s where you double your money! Since you have a little deal on the side, you can make an investment. This technique shouldn’t be attempted until your online store is doing fairly well (which can be ac.plished by following each of the 877 tips and tricks in Money to Be Made Online). Now you sell 600 soap items a week, and 450 of them are unique. To boost your sales, offer a small bonus such as free bar of favorite soap, or $5 off shipping and handling. Attach the survey to your checkout software, and in one month you have at least a thousand items of data to sell to Z .pany. Of course in a real time scenario it’s not as easy or smooth, but once you get the hang of it, you can virtually double your in.e. The more your store sells, the more information you can sell. The best part about it is that you can design surveys to be .pletely anonymous, and have people fill it in to be.e a member of your site. In Money to Be Made Online there are tons of tricks that describe how to get information in non-harmful ways, without small print, spam, or dis-honesty. On my website, I’m .pletely honest about everything. I let my customers know exactly where things are going. I create announcements on my main page, something along the lines of Filling out surveys for us helps us give you more products, at a cheaper price. Z .pany is willing to pay you for your ANONYMOUS information! I’ve even calculated the amount I get per customer, and give them half or all of that little profit just so I can establish a good relationship with both Z .pany and my customers. Z .pany gets their information and my customers get cheaper products. In the future when I implement something else, I’ve earned, I repeat, EARNED their trust and loyalty. That’s what it’s all about folks, honesty. That’s how you make it in the long run, and turn passive in.e into your full time job. That’s why I re.mend you have some stable in.e, and some free time to work on your online businesses until they give you the chance to do it full time. In my next article I’ll go over the next way to make money, including blogging and other little inter. marketing niches. I hope you’re ready to grab your copy of Money to Be Made Online, and are excited to read about the ins and outs of various options you’ll have! Stay tuned for part 5. I hope to see you in the lands of success and happiness! Until next time, bye! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: