Macao and Taiwan photographers to figure for the media to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges an boee

Macao and Taiwan photographers to "figure" for the media to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges and the Macao – Beijing News Agency Changsha November 2 Xinhua (reporter Tang Xiaoqing) by the Macao Special Administrative Region government offices in Beijing, Macao Chinese Cultural Exchange Association and China Photographers Association sponsored "Macao impression" Haojiang — photographer eye Photography Exhibition 2 Changsha debut on Hunan. Macao Chinese Cultural Exchange Association chairman Cui Shiping said, the exhibition aims to make people on both sides of the Strait in-depth understanding, culture and local customs and practices in Macao and Macao, to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges. 2014, to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the return of Macao, Macao Chinese Cultural Exchange Association invited 11 well-known Taiwan photographers in Macao folk songs. They joined the 9 photographers in Macao, into the streets of Macao, launched multi-directional, multi angle shooting, a comprehensive show of social prosperity and progress since the return of Macao to the motherland. President of the Macao Chinese Cultural Exchange Association Li Peilin introduction, the exhibition featured more than 60 pieces of works, culture, economy, construction, education, tourism, folklore and other fields, including Peng Dali, Huang Ziming, Zhuang Ling, Taiwan photographers, and Ma Zhixin, Li Rurong, Guo Jingwen, Ye Zhanhua Macao photography. The 78 year old Zhuang Ling in Taiwan is a cultural celebrity, his father was a solemn vice president of Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Palace is the first South treasure escort and responsible person. Zhuang Ling often taken with the camera, the achievement and development of humanities, is committed to the cross-strait cultural exchanges matchmaking. Cross strait cultural exchanges are the most effective way to enhance the feelings of the people on both sides of the Taiwan strait." Zhuang Ling said. Taiwan famous photographer Yang Yongzhi is recognized by Macao in the preservation and maintenance of monuments and initiatives. He believes that the two sides of the Strait and Macao can strengthen the cultural exchanges, so as to enhance the recognition of Chinese culture. "Photo exhibition for cross-strait cultural circles of friends, provides a platform for in-depth understanding of Macao." It is reported that the "Macao impression" — in the eyes of the Haojiang photographer photography exhibition opened the first exhibition in Macao Senado square in December 2014, 2015 years on display in Taiwan Taipei, Kinmen and Kaohsiung, 2016 into the mainland, Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou has appeared. Hunan Changsha Railway Station exhibition lasted until November 10th. (end)相关的主题文章: