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Business Have you heard of lenti progressive or progressive lenses? Well, if you wear glasses and are still doing with the same old bifocal pair, you need to know about these no-line-bifocals that are the latest development in the eyewear industry. Meaning of Progressive Glasses While the bifocal glasses are clearly marked with a separating line for your dual vision correction requirements or otherwise need an insert lens while reading. This kind of adjustment affects your looks. Now, when there is a better solution, why should you compromise with anything that is less than perfect? So if you want to look great and feel absolutely comfortable at all times, you must move on to the progressive lenses for a better and clearer vision without making any adjustments with your appearance. Other Benefits of Progressive Glasses Apart from bringing a positive and pleasing change in your overall personality, these glasses will also greatly help improve your vision. While the bifocal glasses fulfill only the near vision and standard distance needs, the progressive glasses provide several vision points because of their multifocal personality. Thus, they are even better than the trifocal lenses that offer three vision points. With this much advanced option, your eyes can easily adjust from computer vision to distance vision and near vision. This hassle-free advancement makes it much easier for you to work on the computer or read something for hours without any hassle. Transition from Bifocal to Progressive It always takes a little time to get adapted to new things in life. So shifting to lenti progressive from bifocal or trifocal will also need little adjustment. However, it is a worthy and productive change, you must handle it patiently. You might feel little confused with your visions tunneling that may cause some blurring of vision in the beginning but this discomfort will vanish in a couple of days. It is just a matter of habit and in just few days you will get used to an all new, crystal clear vision. In fact, you will feel as if you are not wearing any glasses. These lenses are available in a number of designs and colors to give a wide choice. Go for a style that you can carry well. This change is surely for better! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: