Lenovo announced layoffs of nearly one thousand unemployed Motorola employees were fired more than h boee

Lenovo announced layoffs of thousands of people unemployed more than half of Motorola employee was fired in September 27th news, Lenovo today issued a notice, announced global layoffs, the layoffs from Motorola department, Lenovo said the number of layoffs is less than 2% employees globally, Lenovo global staff of approximately 55000 people, which is on the Motorola sector layoffs 1000 about. Lenovo said in a statement, the company’s latest round of layoffs "is a part of Motorola’s mobile phone business intelligence association and its ongoing strategic combination, Lenovo is currently the optimizer structure, simplify the product line, in order to better participate in the global intelligent mobile phone market competition." Lenovo said they decided to still be Motorola mobile is headquartered in Chicago, Chicago is famous for technical excellence, the intelligent mobile phone business as a global R & D hub, Lenovo hopes to use the local talent to continue the development of motorcycle products. Earlier media speculation, Lenovo will demolish Chicago Motorola mobile headquarters, will be transferred to the rest of the staff of North Carolina, Lenovo’s other office. Prior to the Association issued a notice, DroidLife website quoted two sources said that Lenovo’s layoffs of about 700-1200 people, all from the Motorola mobile sector. At least one Motorola employee confirmed the news on Facebook. The employee said he had worked in Motorola for more than 20 years, and the last working day will be this Friday. Motorola mobile was acquired by Google in 2011 and was sold to Lenovo in 2014. At present, the total number of employees of MOTO mobile services to 1200 people, the layoffs cut MOTO more than half of the employees, is bound to carry out exchange transfusion on this MOTO. In addition to the knife on Motorola’s mobile business, due to the continued decline in recent years, Lenovo smart mobile phone terminal business, weak overall performance, Lenovo Mobile business on their own is also moving through the knife. In June this year, lenovo mobile part of the layoffs 50%. Motorola recently launched the MOTO Z more innovative products, to prove that Motorola still has the ability to innovate, but the competitiveness and market influence is no longer the past. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: