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Golf Los Angeles and the surrounding area is generally acknowledged to be a haven for the gold aficionado; there are no fewer than 144 different courses at which to play, offering challenging games for all skil levels. Whatever your skill level or budget, youll find that LA golf courses offer just about anything the golf aficionado could want. Here is a brief overview of some of the better LA golf courses you may wish ot visit during your time in Southern California. Brentwood Country Club If you like your game that is hilly, fast and expansive, the Brentwood Country Club may be for you. With narrow, tree-lined fairways and water hazards around half of the holes, this is among the most challenging LA golf courses. Brentwood is open Tuesday through Saturday. Chester Washington Golf Course For those who cannot resist the challenge of narrow, tree-lined fairways on an upslope, Chester Washington offers a game that will test the skills of the most experienced players. Hole No. 13 has a reputation for being one of the most challenging holes in the L.A. area. At 200 yards par 3, it is located in the middle of a eucalyptus grove and requires a tee shot in order to reach the green. Hillcrest Country Club with hilly, rounded contours and tree-lined fairways, Hillcrest Country Club is one of the more attractive LA golf courses. Hole number 9is 365 yards at par 4, and requires an approach shot to a steeply-sloped green, making it one of the most difficult holes in Southern California. Maggie Hathaway Par 3 Golf Course Those who are just getting started will enjoy this course, which is among the shortest of LA golf courses.Yardage of measures 1008 at par 27, Some of the holes are more challenging than others, however, this is an excellent course to which to bring the kids when they’re ready to graduate from "minature golf" to the real game. Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course Named after the most beloved and effective U.S. president in American history, Franklin Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course is a municipal nine-hole course LA’s Griffith Park neighborhood. There has no water hazards, but this one has a fair number of sand traps. The course measures 2478 yards at par 33, and has a rating of 62.6. Like many public LA golf courses, this one has something for players of all skill levels. Westchester Golf Course Less than forty years old, Winchester is among the newest of all LA golf courses. It is an excellent course for those novice players with limited experience on large courses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: