Kunming bus station, soliciting passengers not to get off on the rampant hand – in Beijing tda7294

Kunming bus station, soliciting passengers not to get off on the rampant: hand – Location: Beijing Burma Road on loess slope (loess slope field bus bus station opposite the ramp) "every bus station in front of a row of cars, car is around tens of meters, is the black car owners often program bus passengers black". For loess slope the Burma Road bus station, public Voices of discontent. The site before the black car, vendors Jeeves is very chaotic, confusing. In October 31st, the temperature dropped sharply in Kunming. Because it was Monday, a lot of people very dissatisfied for the bus station in front of the chaos. I live in the vicinity of the Loess Plateau, to the high-tech zone to work, but in the Loess Plateau bus station and so on to 3 cars, did not get on the train." Mr. Zhao Ming said the public, not because people at that time, not because of the rain, because the platform is full of black, blocked. More than 10 in the morning to Mr. Zhao said the bus station, the bus has not stopped, you have seen a lot of passenger cars continue to go back to the bus back door. As soon as the door was opened, the passengers had reached out for the passengers. Scene, a row of electric cars parked in front of the bus lane on the platform, the bus can only stop in the motor vehicle lane. On the train, passengers get off, must break out from the electric car owners and showmanship "". "Look at the distance, the entire site friction, public transportation, pedestrian mixed line, very dangerous. Each stop all frightened, for fear that the passengers to get off a what error." A 153 bus driver said the bus stops in the motor vehicle lane is also very affected by other vehicles. The site belongs to the jurisdiction of the Loess Slope community, the staff is a headache. It is reported that, because of the loess slope of the bus station in the vicinity of a year in the construction, so many of the nearby hardware facilities are not perfect. Community can only persuade electric vehicles, temporary maintenance of the scene order, such as to be completely resolved, only the relevant departments to come forward. "For a long time, the car we would not regular check the bus station and the slope of loess slope in Loess flea markets and other places, and in a timely manner to the summary, but the effect is not good." For the public to reflect the situation, 31 PM, loess slope community staff said, will go to the field view, persuasion, and the relevant circumstances reported to the relevant departments. Fengning Street office staff also said it would cooperate with relevant departments to solve the problem. Duan Lingyan City Times相关的主题文章: