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Jinchang: Verbena, this city will be handed to you – Sohu tourism Xiaoming early in the morning to pick me, to see the purple flower. From afar, a large purple. I asked, "lavender manor?" She said "no, here is the major species of verbena". Just arrived in Gansu, Jinchang, it is found that this is a Purple City, not only the streets have a lot of purple elements, and even run a taxi, but also purple, which is too rare. Red orange yellow green blue purple, the seven colors of all the good in the world. Purple is the most romantic and imaginative color of these colors. Ancient famous couplet: be good to hear or see Everthriving brilliant purples and reds. Cha: beautiful Yan; brilliant purples and reds: good. The purple is the most beautiful color, no color is more hopeful than purple. Jinchang is an industrial city, which has a very short history and a very simple industry because of the nickel. It is completely deserted stands in Gobi, looked very lonely and helpless. Here is the lack of water, not only rivers and lakes on the ground, even the sky is rarely falling raindrops, said water evaporation is 18 times of the precipitation, almost all the land to wring much several times. But he said Jinchang to build a "western city" with ornamental tourism tourism, promote the industrial development of economic diversity with vanilla. It’s too early, too bold! She said, the flower industry is not only to engage in tourism and economy, but also to improve the environment here, although drought, but the sunshine time is long, the temperature difference between day and night, very suitable for some flower growth, while planting Verbena is through scientific argument. In recent years, many cities in the country have "purple storm", but the main planting is lavender. There are "lavender manor", but such a large area of Verbena planting was the first time to see me. Why does Jinchang want a Verbena instead of Lavender? Xiaoming said is mainly found love Verbena dry and sunny environment under the early planting, lax to edaphic requirement, florescence is long, more suitable for the soil and climate. A Verbena, I checked the data. Whip grassland in Europe, European Americans love, planting more, its fruiting period was six months. Verbena economic value is very high, can be used for medicine, cold, taste bitter. There are blood stasis, dredging, and clearing heat and detoxicating, relieving itching, expelling, Xiaozhang effect. In Christianity, Verbena is a sacred flower. Often used to decorate the altar of religious consciousness as a precious sacred grass. Verbena has many positive meanings. Jinchang seems to choose not only for purple Verbena, for romance, as well as economic and image considerations. Zijin City covers an area of 500 acres, purple flowers of endless. There is no fence, no tickets, it is completely open, it is too generous, right? Not only in a scenic Huacheng purple Verbena, also have a small amount of lavender and other flowers. There are artificial lakes and Pavilion Pavilion Pavilion, see these people in Jinchang deliberately and intentions, in 9相关的主题文章: