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James cap "fire" was a spoof of the team win is the imagination to break through the sky! Happy sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 27th, yesterday, the Cleveland Cavaliers home court victory over New York Nicks team, the game has an interesting scene. Lebron – James in a defense accidentally "friendly fire" of his teammates, and netizens naturally will not miss this opportunity to spoof. James in a defense cover out of the opponent’s basket, and flying out of the ball accidentally "friendly fire" teammates Channing frye. Some netizens put this scene made a spoof animation, because James capping strength is too large, when the ball to fry when directly to Frye hit into miniature people. After seeing this animation, Frye took the opportunity to the little James complained: "my ear is very painful, but also have been ringing in the ears." James forwarded this tweet, and apologized to fry. He made four smiling faces and wrote, "my fault, my own!!" In yesterday’s opener, James played very excited, scored 19 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assists three pairs of data, the team won the match easily. (Yun Yan)相关的主题文章: