Italy’s prime minister has declared a state of emergency in the earthquake stricken area – the inter ratatouille

Italy’s prime minister announced that the earthquake disaster emergency – International – Italy Prime Minister Matteo (Matteo Renzi) announced that Ferenczi? Earthquake disaster emergency. According to the British Sky News reported on August 26th, 24 earthquake occurred in central Italy has killed at least 250 people were killed. Local time on the morning of 26, the worst hit Lazio (Lazio) northwest town of amatrice (Amatrice) 4.7 earthquake occurred again. Subsequently, the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Ferenczi? (Matteo Renzi) announced that the earthquake disaster emergency. Ferenczi has been authorized to start the 50 million euros (about 376 million yuan) of the initial crisis fund to start reconstruction. Earthquake stricken areas will be able to enjoy duty-free treatment. In addition, he also called for the launch of a national plan – Italy home project, the construction of other earthquake disaster in the future to ensure the safety of residential. 24, Italy, Lazio, Umbria (Umbria) and Marche (Le Marche) in some areas was 6.2 earthquake hit. In fact, the earthquake from the L’Aquila earthquake in the last 7 years only, the earthquake caused more than and 300 people were killed, which prompted many people worried about the local may not be ready to deal with the earthquake, to protect people’s lives and property safety. Ferenczi said: "the state of emergency is not enough, we need to go beyond the state of emergency, we need a more ambitious plan, we will work together to this end." Local media reported that Liqieyue amath has 2500 permanent residents, but when the earthquake occurred, there are a lot of local tourists. Rescue work is still in progress, but dozens of aftershocks have occurred. Some volunteers said that only a few people were rescued alive from the ruins, more than 90% people have been buried buried. (Shen Shuhua) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: