Investors talk about why do you think the logic of thinking to give up the Papi sauce douke

Investors talk about: why do you think the logic of thinking to give up the Papi sauce? Why do you think the Papi thinking about giving up the sauce? Laday network Lei Jianping reported in November 24th from the beginning of the high-profile shares, to 22 million Papi sauce video ads patch at the end of the auction, to break up, Papi sauce and logic thinking in 2016 once again shocked the Internet industry. Yesterday, Papi sauce CEO Yang Ming confirmed that in the clear get business, the original thinking of the original price of all investment projects, Papi sauce is just one. Luo Zhenyu, founder of the thinking of Luo Ji also said, we have to withdraw all of the investment, and are the original price of withdrawal, one does not earn. In fact, the next determination, concentrate on doing their own thing. All kinds of misunderstanding. Thank you for your concern." Today, Papi sauce investors, it real fund partner Xu Xiaoping exclusive to the lady network about the logic of thinking from Papi sauce divestment insider, Xu Xiaoping said that the real fund has inherited the logic of thinking with Papi sauce all the shares, the shareholding ratio reached 10%. "I was the logic of thinking to make such a great decision, cut off the non main business focus," APP "praise and rejoice in the turning point! More praise of their warrior arm, give up Papi sauce and its shares to fund it real wisdom to!" Xu Xiaoping also revealed that the investment Papi, Papi sauce is not a penny of income, but by the end of 2016, she has created more than fifty million revenue, and donated to his alma mater to auction twenty-two million cash (beauty beautiful makeup of the money has been credited into account). Yes, people are willing to bid ten times the acquisition of Zhenge fund on hand Papi shares sauce?" Xu Xiaoping said, "do not want to be beautiful, I do not sell!" The following is Xu Xiaoping exclusive content: "Ronaldo and Xu Pang and the story behind the" Papi sauce:     logic thinking why give up Papi sauce precisely, why the logic of thinking to give up Papi sauce? Who bought the Papi thinking of giving up? What is the current situation and future of Papi sauce? To know the story behind the fat, Xu Pang and Papi sauce, please allow me to decompose. At the beginning of 2016, I went to visit the headquarters of the logic of thinking about Ronaldo, fund it real and logic thinking the idea of cooperation. Talking about the one or two time, we have a decision: two joint venture to find outstanding projects, according to the ratio of 37 to vote. Is it real fund professional investment institutions, of course, take 7. Quicker than words can tell. Soon we got a chance to invest in Papi sauce, a total of 10%. Although we say according to the proportion of 37 to vote, but in view of Ronaldo in the project’s major contribution — I don’t think Ronaldo’s grand plan, Papi sauce and her CEO Yang Ming may not be seen on it real fund, not to fund other bid 1/3 give us investment – in order to express the Ronaldo thanks I, for Ronaldo said: our two 55 points! I regret it, because I really want to take more! But Luo fat is not polite, he said: Xu teacher how much you say, we did not 5%!相关的主题文章: