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Sales-Training LED garden lights(namely LED courtyard lights) are mainly used in city roads, residence roads, industrial parks, the landscape lighting, scenic areas, parks, courtyards, green belts, square lighting and decoration. LED courtyard light can significantly improve the residential environment and life quality. LED courtyard lights ornament city scenery in the day and provide the necessary lighting in the evening, which makes the life convenient, increases residents’ security and beautifies the city. The modern garden lighting products not only provide outstanding lighting, but also show the characteristics and unique styles of the buildings and in harmony with the environment. With easy installation and high stability, there is no need to pave complex wires and only requires a cement base and stainless steel screw for the LED garden lights. Some of the benefits of LED garden lights include: 1. Impact resistance, powerful anti-seismic force, no ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation. 2. Many color temperatures are available. 3. Green environmental protection: No lead, mercury or other harmful elements, no pollution. 4. Working under low voltage, safe and reliable. 5. Energy saving: LEDs can reduce energy consumption by 50-90%. This is because they require low power to operate. 6. Long lifetime: LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, significantly reducing labour and maintenance costs. 7. Colour rendering: LEDs for street lighting applications have been designed to achieve a warm, white light that ranges from 85-90% on the colour rendering index (CRI). 8. Small size: This provides flexibility in terms of retrofitting and packaging options. 9. Optical control: LEDs produce directional light, meaning that it can light only the areas that need to be lit, minimizing light trespass. 10. Operating characteristics: LEDs turn on and off instantly, and are dimmable. Being the same as other LED outdoor lights, LED garden lights have the outstanding characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, long lifespan and green environmental protection, protecting vision and high light efficiency. The appearance of LED garden lights is novel, beautiful, concise and lively by die-casting with metal and engineering plastic materials. Lamp-posts after corrosion treatment achieve durable effect, assembling appreciation and practicability. With the humanized design, LED garden lights not only greatly decrease the maintenance cost and electricity bills, but also significantly reduce energy demand, environmental pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions. They are suitable for lighting and decoration of residential areas, villas, parks, squares and public places, etc. Blueboo will continue to enhance our innovation for LED application technology and marketing promotion, advance the overall level of LED lighting technology, expand market share and foster sustainable, healthy and rapid development of China LED lighting industry. With substantial industrial foundation, innovative technology, leading advantage, scale production capability and experience, Blueboo will provide more high quality, efficient, intelligent, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving low carbon products and solutions for customers’ healthy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: