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Food-and-Drink The land of spices India, so enamoured legendary explorer Christopher Columbus that he set out to find it by sailing west, fortunately or unfortunately he discovered the New World leaving the Indian spices to thrive in its cradle. The melting pot of several cultures, India, is the largest functioning democracy in the world & in its hotbed is the extravagant variety of food that is only natural to its being. The diverse food preparations though have one common element & that is the free use of spices in the preparations. Spices, aromatic, flavoured, healthy & tasty are the quintessential presence in every Indian kitchen. The type of spices used though varies in every region giving each a unique identity. The presence of spices in Indian cuisine is based on sound health benefits they afford & not merely for delighting the palate. Most herbs & spices fight are primarily your stone-wall against infections & can fight diseases better than fruits & vegetables. Spices & herbs add tang to cooking without adding any calories or fat to the preparation making it all the more popular. While Turmeric or Haldi is a mild antiseptic & aids weight loss Garlic or lasan as it is commonly known in India is effective against blood pressure & heart ailments while Ginger or Adrak reduces motion sickness & mitigates arthritis hurting. The parable that Indian food is difficult to cook & curry based goes out of the window when one gets down to actually see the variety on offer. Indian food imbibes a variety of styles due to the colossal cultural exchanges it has seen in its chequered history. While the colonial period added, European cuisine to the varied Indian fare, the Mughal influence on Indian food preparations is palpable as the Biryani, Tikka, Raita are very much a part of the Indian main course. Mothers Recipes variety of Indian food mixes is a tribute to the appetizing & healthy Indian food. We make special efforts to retain the authenticity of the amazing preparations from India while maintaining the best standards of hygiene in all our products. On offer from Mothers Recipe are a variety of Pickles, Papad, Appalam, Pastes plus a range of Ready to Cook Mixes that you will enjoy & cherish. We offer these delicious mixes in both the vegetarian & non-vegetarian variety & have made the ginger-garlic pastes our own. Our breakfast items like Poha, Upma ,Dhokla are as much in demand as are our main course items like the Vegetable Biryani, Chicken Biryani , Mutton Curry, Vegetable Makhanwala ,other products include the finger-licking Pav Bhaji mix , the Paneer Butter Masala mix & the yummy Payasam Mix from the south help us dish out a veritable treat for Gourmet Revellers across the board. Already Hungry Kya? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: