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UnCategorized The element testosterone is arguably the major male hormone which arts from the adrenal cortex and produces the hormone in a natural manner in very small quantities. From the deepening of the voice, growing of hair in an unprecedented manner, having an oily skin, immense acne cases, rise in libido issues, desire for physical .petitions and other effects, testosterone proves its power and might within the body of a human being. You cannot think of a human maturing in his or her bones without having Testo-power in mind. It has been overtly linked with the heightening of bone length and increase of bone height. The use and drama of testosterone has .e along way from the early years of the twentieth century to what it has be.e today. Its high affinity to be manufactured into a synthetic form has made many people to acquire it in the form of pills and tablets to injected types. For the testosterone which is found in the form of an injected substance, it’s mostly seen replacement testosterone therapies. This method has been widely acclaimed and accepted for medical usage although it offers very little to a .mon bodybuilder. Small doses of the hormone are given via a patch worn on a person’s skin. A person using testosterone has two essential options. The methyl molecule has two problems which detriments this drug; being methylated, the drug is ultimately liver toxic thus limiting its use in a cycle or as a medical dose. Secondly, the drug lacks in esterification faculties which brings about ingestion as well as causing sharps peaks when concentrated mostly in a minimum dose which is enough for growth in muscles. The prevailing opinion is that there are a variety of reasons given for the cause of the sustanon flu while the molecule etiocholanone is overtly held culpable because of its observable effects. Etiocholanone, a pyrogen, is associated with effects that bring about fever within its cycle. This is believed to be the reason as to why some users are known to experience flue-like symptoms at the onset of a cycle. The first choice is methyl-testosterone, a testosterone molecule containing an additional methyl group. This additional molecule increases the testosterone bioavailability in a way and assists it in surviving the pass via the hepatic metabolism of the liver. These two harmful characteristics encourage the onset of side effects such as gyne.astia dude to aromatization the drug producing a rather cumbersome methylated estradiol molecule. These testosterone .pounds are however known to cause sustanon flu. The name was suggested by the users who are said to experience symptoms that are equal to the flu ones after beginning a steroid cycle. An alternative to methyl-testosterone has been produced which is called Andriol or .monly as restandol a drug made by .anon Manufacturers. This drug is seen as a proper alternative since it has a better way of administration, where testosterone which is oil based and an attachment of undecanoate of ester is easily absorbed via the lymphatic system thus avoiding a hepatic metabolism. It also important to note that this flu is caused by the esterification of testosterone which includes propionate, although the same effects are also possible if one is using any testosterone containing an ester. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: