In October, Macao witnessed the The Galaxie Hotel royal style tourism – Sohu

Autumn in October, witnessed the Macao The Galaxie Hotel Macao The Galaxie Hotel – Royal style tourism Sohu royal style at two in the afternoon arrived in Macao at the The Galaxie Hotel, not to have been Macao The Galaxie Hotel luxury art royal style deeply shocked, in luxury was used to the Macao The Galaxie Hotel, with peacock feathers the inspiration for the design of the lobby is so drow well, the visual focus shape and geometric structure of rich curve building, so that every corner seems to be interesting to tell their own stories, in the melody against Yue strike a deep chord, up to 3 meters in the central bright Juzuan water curtain slowly rotating, dazzling and gorgeous, the Milky Way Macao a few more heavy flavor of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. For the love of luxury hotel, first of all because of the hotel environment, architectural design and interior decoration. Good hotel, there is always a good environment, good architecture, enriched the local culture and customs. The hotel decoration, or folk wind is thick and heavy in colours, or minimalist style fresh and elegant, has a very high aesthetic orientation. Many people mentioned decoration always shunned, once for their own house decoration, every time the total devotion in ecstasies. Therefore, every time I live in a good hotel, to appreciate the buildings and the environment, decorative arts, I am a learning process, full of sensual pleasure, it is an art. The investment of HK $14 billion 900 million in Macao, the Milky Way "banyan tree Macao, Macao Okura Hotel and The Galaxie Hotel, will provide five star rooms and more than 2 thousand Suites for tourists. "Macao the Milky Way" the most remarkable facilities are foreign Amoy Gardens, is the world’s largest air surfing pool, as well as 350 tons of white sand paved, covers an area of 4000 square meters of artificial beach. Foreign Amoy garden, is also provided with a plurality of private swimming pool, garden and pool house. From the Guangzhou South Railway Station to take more than an hour after the high-speed rail clearance directly to Macao, Zhuhai, there is a free shuttle bus shuttle bus ride, less than half an hour to reach the The Galaxie Hotel, very convenient. The Milky Way Macao, from here you can also directly see the super Gambling Hall, I was first attracted to its gorgeous Guangyao hall mood, the 3 meter high transport property of silver drill in the air into dazzling light, the hall erected in the middle of a large fountain, there is a huge luxury crystal hanging lamp, lights around a colorful color. The performance time is every half hour, the beginning will have the shock symphony to start the prologue, then the fountain will rise gradually, as if the direct contact crystal chandelier, when the fountain top will slowly drop. We live on the 26 floor of the hotel. Opposite is the famous The Galaxie Hotel. Warm and Okura Hotel contracted us through the Macao group of the Milky Way beautiful decoration floor into the Okura Hotel Okura Hotel because of its elegance and fortitude is. The hotel lobby saw two wearing a Japanese kimono waitress smiling at you walking leisurely, whisper with Japanese greetings to you. From the beginning to enter the room will find that everything here is actually related to japan! Simple Japanese design and architectural concepts do not have to explain, as well as the Japanese clock相关的主题文章: