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IKEA electric on-line but did not take local electricity supplier IKEA agreed to at the end of August routine China on-line online mall, finally in August 31st morning quietly open, but a few hours after the "paralysis". At the entrance of IKEA’s official website, the upper right corner of the shopping cart, the first labeled as "Shanghai online mall", but a few hours later was changed to "online shopping mall (Shanghai)". They point to a new site, called "where you can be like shopping in other business sites, single buy cups, lamps, or a cabinet, a bed. The premise is that you have to live in Shanghai. IKEA’s current distribution of electricity supplier business scope includes only Shanghai. However, at 8:30 in the morning, this was on the line for a few hours on the electricity supplier website stalled state, whether it is to enter through the main station of the user, or still in the station ready to pay people to meet them, this is a huge white picture — IKEA people work in the morning to give a written explanation of customer service is: "because the online mall has not officially launched, so there may be a system of" unstable situation." In the afternoon, IKEA’s artificial customer service in response to the phone is given: online mall formally launched on time, in fact, should be at 10:00-10:30 am on September 1st. Now you open the IKEA online store, still can stably see this "opening" the big picture on the website, but that can view the goods, a single payment system, will have to reproduce in a dozen hours later. Before that, we have a small test for you. In the early morning of August 31st IKEA electricity supplier open for a few hours, we have a preliminary experience on the Internet to buy IKEA feel. With the previous forecast of the situation, this is an account system is a bit complicated, clean, smooth operation, but the Chinese people are familiar with Taobao, Jingdong and some distance from the electricity supplier. Almost should be our readers in the last article on the IKEA electricity supplier in the comments: Veteran Cadres finally learned to look at the Internet that sense." If you are a member of IKEA, we may feel a little trouble for those already familiar with IKEA, just for the convenience to choose online shopping consumers, the business on the line, the biggest problem may be exposed: how can the 1 App, 2 sites and 3 account system, switch elegant and freely back and forth? IKEA in order to the electricity supplier business, made a new website. When you start exultingly ready to use IKEA’s business, you will find that the first to register a new account with a mobile phone number or email, and can not be directly used in the past the official account. Fortunately, the orange membership card "IKEA FAMILY" is still ok. In the registration of IKEA electricity supplier account, you can choose to bind the two accounts in order to enjoy preferential online shopping. A few blocks are independent of each other, not through online business of IKEA’s official website had their own account system, the use of membership card login, mainly used to create a convenient line to buy the "shopping list". After the launch of the App "IKEA mall", also相关的主题文章: