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Morningside capital Yuan Ye: how to grasp the essence of the needs of users, to escape death product cycle? – strong thinking Sohu technology makes us with Mr. Yuan Ye, to explore how in the complex needs of users, found that the most essential needs of users. I hope this article can help you. Mr. Yuan Ye is the investment circles of cutting-edge, born in the 87 years, for only five years of investors, by virtue of their unique judgment, has made the second shot, then,, snowball, next to a large number of star enterprise. When Mr. Yuan Ye put through this article, can not help but on the one hand I admire him loud shouts of applause, strong ability, on the other hand, he also let me to deepen the understanding of user needs. In the collection of Mr. Yuan Ye, and I was a wonderful reflection light (because the text is not included, but not their homes this text, then plug in here and you were famous): from a certain perspective, there are many common places and social consumption. For example, social is actually a kind of transaction, but to sell the information is released, and the material is the relationship chain, the production cost is very low, pricing freedom, everyone is a producer. So, a social product is able to get up, because someone can produce a unique "goods", these people have "goods" control. From another point of view, the transaction is also social. How to improve efficiency, better supply, so that more people distribution, creation and response, so that the shelves of goods have more people to browse, and soon after the conversion into a transaction, these are common. Only by jumping out of the field of your own knowledge, can you find the law behind the things faster." I don’t know if you’ve been inspired by his words. 1 if you want to ask the Internet venture circle of friends of the industry what is the deepest feelings? Most people can’t do without the word "change". Indeed, the industry is changing too fast, not only the user needs change, the financing environment is changing, entrepreneurial opportunities seem to become less and less difficult. The reason may be related to entrepreneurship and investment has always been in a highly uncertain environment. We are committed to changing the search for certainty, and with great failure at the expense of the progress of science and technology ecosystem and the achievement of a small number of companies. In fact, some factors have been relatively constant, such as the nature of the user’s needs, the essential function of the product. In the uncertain environment, entrepreneurs like a continuous discovery and iterative rules break the rules find again, like investment is iterative and entrepreneurial accompanied a + + + distribution observed cognitive recovery. This environment, contrary to most common sense, natural science tells us the formula and the law, and through a certain amount of training to strengthen the brain experience ability. In most situations, people can benefit from the experience and experience, to avoid the great disaster and loss, to further strengthen the fear of rules and experience, which gives a sense of security. However, in the context of venture capital and investment, more significant opportunities come from innovation rather than empirical incremental innovation. ]相关的主题文章: