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How to accompany their children to digest those uncomfortable feelings? – Sohu, a mother and a mother in the background message, the children do a nightmare to wake up crying in the middle of the night, how to do? How to do, don’t be afraid to tell the child, mother. You’ll do the same, right? That’s right. So did the mother. But there are a few words, "I have been in the comfort the child, mother, don’t be afraid. But the child is still scared, so uncomfortable, and later on in my arms crying. How to do?" Not to say "don’t worry, Mom"? Doesn’t seem to work. Why? Because the child is to experience the feelings of fear, but he did not know that the mood is fear, do not know what just happened to bring him the emotional experience of the dream how to face. In simple terms, this is the case, he has not been able to digest. Help children to digest bad emotional experience how to help children to digest these bad experiences and emotions? A friend and I shared his practice. One day, a friend and his three year old son watched TV at home. Advertising is playing, suddenly a ferocious cheetah ran out from the screen, it may be their home TV screen is too large and too high, the friend said, feeling that the cheetah to jump out from the screen. His son was shocked at that time, and then said he was afraid, and then began to cry. The reaction of the children to see friends, holding his son said, don’t worry, dad…. But the child is still very afraid, and even said not to watch tv. A friend in desperation, saying, that’s just an advertisement. Advertising? When he heard that he was just an ad, his son’s reaction was better. The friend said he seemed to feel the solution. So, the father began to speak more specific to the child: This is just a TV ad, a car ad, they want to use a cheetah to express their ideas. However, the cheetah just appeared as if it was really coming, so you feel very afraid of it. The reason why they used a ferocious cheetah is to express how fast the car run more powerful…. It is really useful, the child does not cry, and later, when watching TV has repeatedly seen the ad fragments, the child did not fear, and even told him that this is just an ad. What principle? The British psychoanalyst Brion mentioned the emotion classification in his Alfa function theory, he put the emotion into the emotional experience and can afford to bear the emotional experience. Good parents can be used as a container for children’s emotional experience, and the emotional experience of the child can not afford to be conceptualized, and then return to the contents of these easy to digest?. The whole process is simple, is named for the child’s emotional experience, to accompany the children to digest those unbearable emotional experience. Parents hold, you can let the child mood to ease my friends, it happened to be casual children do such a job. First of all, he caught the child’s mood, no impatience, No.相关的主题文章: