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Halloween Carnival decompression Changying Century City Sohu soon catch demon tour in October 29th to November 1st, for the majority of people playing the Changying Century City carefully prepared a feast of joy, launched the "Halloween catch demon" theme activities. In this "ghost" as the theme of the festival, special design, dead rising ghosts parade, ghost mart and other exciting programs, terrorist zombie hospital index of five stars will also be in this year’s last open, bringing people together decompression carnival. In the end how much Halloween can play new tricks? I want to know the answer, just close the reporter’s camera, set the Changying Century City "Halloween catch demon" for scene, open the spoilers trip. A spoiler: large zombie cosplay, comparable to the reality version of "Busan line". The doctor, caused the death of the living dead ghosts, virus attack and mutation biology, a witch…… A great in strength and impetus terrorist alliance, Halloween will bring you together "siege" Changying Century City, comparable to the reality version of "Busan line". Plasma, stump everywhere, pumpkin head around the suspension, if not enough stimulation, with the devil tour, with ghosts and goblins through the streets, mischief, chasing, will be able to meet you commit all sorts, evil desire. Two: this year the hospital spoiler zombie screaming last open during Halloween, Changying century city history index of five stars "zombie horror hospital" will re open. The dim light, "blood" mottled walls, the pungent smell of disinfectant, into the hall of the hospital, you can see the dead doctor carrying the bloody axe wandering, plaintiveness zombie sister with a cone of eyes cold, is necessary to escape the zombie doctor to throw your "skull", but also to avoid the mad chase crazy Zombies Zombies, the hospital will bring you the eerie zombie hospital reentry hinterland, feeling encounter screaming moment. Three spoilers: the purpose is to scare you soul is "flying" according to the Changying Century City staff, Halloween activities during the two phase of the Changying Century City New Paradise flagship project "China soar" will lead the tourists to jump 13 meters altitude, flight 180 degree rotation limit, a somersault cloud, Yufeng "flying free"; and interstellar monster battle space voyage speed "fly" in the world’s first flight; orthogonal multi screen cinema, crack Alexander’s gold coffin mystery, open the brain hole "flying" the spirit…… The Changying Century City "catch demon Halloween" will take you to experience a sense of adventure thriller. Four: Ghost walk spoilers fair Christmas dinner the reporter saw in the Changying Century City, the new market has a superb collection of beautiful things ghosts on the shelves, making a realistic "plasma", the skull, limbs, and every kind of strange and eccentric fun everything. The demon world chef Maya restaurant has been sharpening, careful preparation of terrorist. It is understood that during the period from October 29th to November 1st, the park will also have a "trick or treat" the traditional Halloween show, then buy the Changying Century City Halloween candy, will also have a Halloween Pumpkin free gift box. Five spoilers: "Hi" than the "shock" preview the Changying Century City has opened online promotions thriller..相关的主题文章: