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GYMBABY parenting many mothers have complained about the child dawdle, get up slowly, homework procrastination, while playing with the school. The more you worry, the more children the unhurried. The parent-child conflict triggered at any moment. When mom’s on the edge of collapse. I can understand the mother’s mood, but before doing to solve problems in children, we must first ask the mother to examine their own parenting methods. ("children don’t get up to the morning, mom is really the most headaches, no one) is not a slow child, you couldn’t stop nagging? Because you are anxious, the mouth will not stop nagging, urging, dissatisfaction and complaints, speak the truth, even blame and scolding. But what do you think if your leaders do this to you every day? Too fast rhythm will take the time to think about the child, so that not only will not soon, but it will cause a lot of unnecessary mistakes. And the more often the child is urged, the easier it is to do things. Because his heart has always been kept repeating "can you hurry" to the consequences of this is just a want to quickly finish, but because too care about time to become confused. Children have the rhythm of their children to do their own thing, the mother can not regulate the child’s adult standards of action. This is a direct invasion and transgression. Most of the time, children do homework, housework, details of life will be less efficient than adults, slow, not because of procrastination, but limited capacity. He has just come into contact with new skills and takes time to practice. Only in the most comfortable rhythm of their children, in order to best play their potential. If people are always urged aside, will let him in disarray, but became confused, it is difficult to improve the efficiency and. If the child is a little bit slower, my mother would not have patience, give the child labeled "dawdle" label, will strengthen the children dawdle, you see the psychological! I was so slow. ("sometimes kids" slow "is behind the process. He is familiar with new skills) Is the child a slow, you can not help but come forward to help? Life often have such a phenomenon: the mother will take the time to wait for an excuse, many children do their own thing to do. The morning time is not enough, to wear clothes to go out; not enough time, help feeding, pack up; the children do not understand the time directly from the timetable and fine to eat toilet. Although the mother side urged, criticized the child, but all the things, my mother had finished. "The Analects of Confucius" in · Lu said: "no haste, not see a small profit. Haste makes waste, and little profit makes no success." Do not pursue fast, do not pursue the interests of the present small. When we blindly request "fast", what we see is only the successful completion of this matter, but it is not conducive to the realization of a larger goal. Mother to save time to help their children busy, mother broke into the children’s room to grow, and assume the responsibility for their children originally, because the consequences of doing. Perhaps the child did not go to school late, according to the work相关的主题文章: