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Google’s car platform on-line: every day can only pick two single money only enough oil costs Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 30th morning news, Waze carpooling platform Google is a low-cost temporary carpool platform, currently in San Francisco officially run. The platform is the full name of Waze Rider, Google’s acquisition of a popular car mobile phone application, now to the bay area open to the public use. "The Wall Street journal" reported that, after several months of beta, temporary carpool system of Google has ready to challenge rivals Uber and Lyft. However, there are some significant differences between Waze Rider and more mature competitors. First, Google only allows drivers and passengers to take two times a day. Drivers can only earn $0.54 per mile, so they have no profit, but to find someone to share the cost of oil. While these features will be limited to commuting services, but also to avoid the Lyft and Uber are facing regulatory disputes. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the driver simply submit their general itinerary, family and work address can be registered. Google said that at present is not ready for the driver’s identity, vehicle insurance policy or photo verification, because the Waze platform service purpose is to find a fellow traveler, put the empty seat beside the driver to fill. "The Wall Street journal" reporter an attempt to use the mobile phone application greatly famous, a ride from San Francisco to Oakland, it found that there are still some errors, such as real-time navigation service in the journey the driver cannot use Waze, but the whole process is smooth. The trip drivers earn $6.30, passengers only cost $3, compared with the peak in the use of Uber or Lyft to $23-30, a fraction of the money is very cost-effective. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章: