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Internet-Marketing Todays healthcare experience is a digital mall to the average consumer. Most research medical topics online, find local practitioners, and check consumer reviews before selecting a doctor or making an appointment. Having a strong internet presence isnt a passing trend online dermatology marketing is now how you get and keep patients. Google Plus (also known as Google+ or simply G+) is a vital component of that strategy. Google remains the most popular and robust search engine in existence. Google Plus is Googles proprietary identity service. It was created in 2011 and initially released on a by-invitation-only basis. In January 2013 it surpassed Twitter to become the second largest social networking site globally. This May it boasted 500 million registered users. About 235 million of them are active monthly. Google historically gathered a wealth of consumer data. However, favored social media exchanges like Facebook and Twitter do not share information with Google. By integrating their own social layer, Google Plus is able to provide a more customized search and interactive experience, with a few unique twists. Users can easily tell the world what they like with the +1 feature, share, build circles of friends, and video chat all under one platform. Your dermatology practice can take advantage of that power, starting with a Google Plus profile. It makes you accessible to others and allows you to target a larger audience of potential patients. Heres how to get started. Go to .google.. and click on the gray +You button in the upper left corner. Then click on the red Create an Account button at the upper right. Fill out personal information and set up a password. Then follow the steps to start your Google Plus business page. Select a high-quality head shot for your profile photo. It should look friendly but professional. This photo shows up in related searches, so make sure it is recognizable and impressive. Choose a background photo that quickly signals your industry or practice. This image can be animated. Insert original content describing your basic information, skills, and specialties. Keywords are important here. Use keyword anchored descriptions in the links section to drive traffic to your website, blogs, and other accounts. Make sure your Google Plus name matches your name on those sites. Give special creative attention to your story. It is the most noticeable and engaging part of the profile. The tagline should be keyworded. The first 110 characters of your introduction show up in Google search. Bragging rights can point to other sites for additional information. Make sure this section is set to public so others may find you. List as much as youd like under education, although this is not a frequently-viewed area. Be sure to include a zip code in places so Google can map your office effectively. Contact information should include email addresses and telephone numbers that get checked often. Now start adding friends and posting appropriately! Promote your Google Plus profile on other sites, email signatures, and printed material. Check your profile occasionally, from a consumer point of view. Is it attractive and .pelling? Are your settings optimized? Do the links to your website, blogs, and social media work? Google Plus is a different animal than a website or other types of social media. Creating a truly effective Google Plus profile can be a boon to your online dermatology marketing efforts, or can hinder them. Consider hiring a professional marketing firm to manage Google Plus and its interaction with other aspects of your online presence for optimal results. About the Author: For doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals,Ekwa Marketing is the key to success. Our .pany offers online medical marketing that involves innovative SEO techniques and can assist doctors in expanding their practice by more patients. Our tried-and-true system has helped hundreds of medical practices succeed in their marketing efforts. More on: Dermatologist seo . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: